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Figure 9. The custom abutments in place.
Embracing 3D Printed Implant Crowns: A Revolution in Dental Restoration for Patients With Bruxism

February 1st 2024

Pac-Dent’s products are helping usher in a new era of 3D printed final restorations, resulting in a boon for patients, particularly those with a habit of gnashing.

Katana Zirconia One. Kuraray Noritake.
How to Deliver Strength With Chairside Esthetic Zirconia

June 1st 2023

Nobio Infinix
How to Manage Patients With High Caries Risk Using Nonsurgical Treatment and Bacteria-Repelling Composite

March 1st 2023

A Bonding System With Long-term, Predictable Results
A Bonding System With Long-term, Predictable Results

March 1st 2023

Top 5 Dental Product Techniques
Top 5 Product Techniques

December 1st 2022

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