How to use Estelite Sigma Quick for mono-layered techniques

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Estelite® Sigma Quick  from Tokuyama is the hero of this technique.

Estelite® Sigma Quick  from Tokuyama is a supra-nano, 100% spherically-filled universal composite that reportedly delivers a high-gloss polishability and leaves lasting shine on restorations. 

Its spherical fillers resist plucking for excellent wear, while a quick curing time allows for minimal volumetric shrinkage at 1.3%. Estelite Sigma Quick has a creamy consistency and packs well into a variety of spaces, making it  versatile and easy to handle.It comes in a total of 20 shades including variations of opaque and bleach shades. Its superior shade integration-combining up to 10 shades in a “chameleon effect”-reduces inventory costs without sacrificing esthetics.

Check out this video to see Dr. Sabiha Bunek, DDS explain how to use Estelite Sigma Quick restorative material for mono-layered techniques.


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