Restorative Dentistry

Solve My Problem: Great esthetics and enhanced performance

July 31, 2020

VOCO’s Grandio blocs are nano-ceramic hybrid CAD/CAM blocks that save time and deliver long-term strength.

Changing Dental School Curriculum to Teach the latest Techniques: an interview with Roseman University's Dr. David Howard

July 16, 2020

Dr. David Howard, Associate Professor at the Roseman University College of Dental Medicine joins Editorial Director Noah Levine to discuss his school's shift to teach the Bioclear Method for composite restorations rather than covering amalgam restoration techniques.

How to Bulk Fill Flowable Composite Restorations Without a Capping Layer

June 29, 2020

With the introduction of Estelite Bulk Fill Flow, a revolutionary change occurred in the way clinicians use bulk fill flowable composites.

Why you should always clean restorations after try-in

April 17, 2020

The battle against contamination can mean life or death for a restoration.

Dental zirconia and keys for clinical success

October 02, 2019

Explaining how one of the most popular indirect restorative material is formed and functions.

Translating the Science: Unlocking the potential of supra-nano spherical fillers

June 27, 2019

An interview with Koichiro Hirata, one of the creators of the innovative shade matching technology behind Tokuyama Dental’s OMNICHROMA composite.

How to achieve beauty, form and function using the stamp technique

June 27, 2019

Follow these steps to create a great restoration and gain the "stamp of approval."

DenMat introduces implant service offerings

June 26, 2019

The company will now provide custom implant abutments and screw-retained crowns and bridges. DenMat Holdings expanded its line of high-quality, end-to-end laboratory services to include custom implant abutments and screw-retained crowns and bridges. The addition of implant services reportedly enables oral health professionals to prescribe a custom-tailored restorative solution for virtually any patient-be it simple or complex-from DenMat Laboratory.

Shade matching simplified

June 26, 2019

How 3M™ Filtek™ Universal Restorative is helping one practitioner provide better shade matching with more efficiency.

How to close a midline diastema using the front wing technique

May 16, 2019

Why this method is easier and more precise than using a palatal silicone index.