Dental Monitoring Debuts New Virtual Practice Platform

May 19th 2022

The new platform is designed to allow clinicians to become partners with their patients through the treatment journey.

EasyRx Announces PTS Trim Line File Output to 3D Automated Services

May 19th 2022

EasyRx has announced the addition of PTS Trim Line File Output to its 3D Automated Services for both dental practices and labs.

Dental Monitoring Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Get-Grin

May 18th 2022

Dental Monitoring files a patent infringement lawsuit against Get-Grin in relation to its image analysis, teledental technology.

Envista to Acquire Osteogenics Biomedical

May 18th 2022

Envista has announced that it is acquiring Osteogenics Biomedical to expand in the regenerative therapies and implant arenas.

Glidewell and Medit Launch New Intraoral Scanner

May 17th 2022

Glidewell and Medit will partner up to offer dentists an affordable and effective intraoral scanner for restorations and in-office milling.