Neoss Launches Natural Bone Substitute NeoGenix XP

October 26th 2021

The highly porous bone substitute provides more space available for new bone deposition.

A Love Affair with Dental Floss: Is it Warranted?

October 26th 2021

There may be better alternatives for patients who don't want to use traditional floss, but it's all about the individual's specific interdental cleaning needs.

ADA SmileCon 2021 - Interview with Refera CEO Hessam Ahani, DDS

October 26th 2021

In this video, CEO and Founder of Refera Hessam Ahani, DDS, discusses ADA SmileCon 2021's unique showcases and what the software Refera can do for practices.

Trust can be the Elephant in the Room (or Practice)

October 26th 2021

Often times, it is important to ask yourself important questions about trust among colleagues in the practice.

Thriving In a Scarce Dental Talent Market

October 25th 2021

Hiring is the greatest challenge facing our industry and it should be the number one priority for dental practices today.