Solve My Problem: A universal composite suited for anterior and posterior

July 31, 2020

Tetric Prime from Ivoclar Vivadent offers great handling and radiopacity.

How to deliver optimal care with the right restorative essentials

July 31, 2020

Your dental team consists of carefully chosen players—so should your restorative armamentarium.

Studying Dentistry at the Cellular Level: An Interview with Dr. Richard Miron

July 29, 2020

Editorial Director Noah Levine is joined by Dr. Richard Miron to discuss his recent research showing postop chlorhexidine rinses might be more harmful than a homeopathic alternative from StellaLife Healing.

Changing Dental School Curriculum to Teach the latest Techniques: an interview with Roseman University's Dr. David Howard

July 16, 2020

Dr. David Howard, Associate Professor at the Roseman University College of Dental Medicine joins Editorial Director Noah Levine to discuss his school's shift to teach the Bioclear Method for composite restorations rather than covering amalgam restoration techniques.

Material Thoughts: The 2020 Dental Products Report Materials Survey

June 02, 2020

The Dental Products Report 2020 Materials Survey looks at the types of materials you prefer in different situations, how you manage materials inventory, and how you evaluate and adopt new material options.

Past, Present, Future - The Evolution of Dental Products

June 02, 2020

A look at how far the dental industry has come from the analog products of the past, to today’s cutting edge technologies and materials, to visions of what dental products and practices might look like in the future.

How to complete direct restorative cases with confidence

June 01, 2020

A clinician uses a variety of Centrix materials to tackle a difficult case for a sensitive patient and ends up with a strong, good-looking final dental restoration.

Getting the most out of your impression materials

April 17, 2020

From technique improvements to tray selection options and inventory management and procurement tips and tricks, we take a look at how to optimize the use of your impression materials to get the most out of your investment.

How to enhance efficiency and predictability with composite restorations

March 30, 2020

With OMNICHROMA, the shade-selection step is removed, the need for a high-cost inventory of multiple composite shades is removed, and a high-quality restoration can be placed with less clinical chair time.