Dental Lab Products

The 10 Best (and Five Worst) Cities for Dental Lab Techs in 2020

August 06, 2020

Using publically reported data from a range of sources, we've identified the best locations for dental lab technicians to live and work, as well as some of the most challenging locales.

Precision and Reliability are the Keys to a Dental Furnace

August 03, 2020

A round-up of dental laboratory furnaces.

A high-tech prosthesis material that offers strength

August 03, 2020

This lab technician finds the TriLor® Arch from Harvest Dental to offer flexibility without compromising on strength.

Solve My Problem: A Benchtop Printer Ready for a Range of Tasks

August 03, 2020

With SHINING 3D’s AccuFab-D1 Dental 3D Printer available via Aurident, dental labs can quickly and easily add a range of additive workflows.

How to balance digital and analog design

August 03, 2020

As digital design has advanced, it’s become clear that the future of the industry lies somewhere between digital design and human artistry.

Solve My Problem: Smoothing Out Hybrid CAD Workflows

August 03, 2020

With a highly homogenous formulation, Renfert’s EASY Blank Wax is designed to produce accurate CAD/Cast and CAD/Press restorations.

Where CAD/CAM cannot compete

August 03, 2020

Dental labs can still succeed with traditional techniques and approaches.

How to perfect a complete digital manufacturing process to create top-quality removable dentures

August 03, 2020

Ivoclar Vivadent’s Ivotion Digital Denture Innovation works with 3Shape to allow patient-specific customization and great results.

Dental Lab Products New Products - August 2020

August 03, 2020

A look at some of the recently announced products for dental laboratories.

How to perfect the plane truth process

July 31, 2020

How one laboratory technician uses consistent communication steps to equate to consistent results in the fabrication of removable prosthetics.