Solve My Problem: A great-looking dental implant prosthesis with plenty of strength

April 28, 2020

ByStan Goff

Glidewell’s new BruxZir Esthetic Implant Prosthesis monolithic full-arch restoration is designed to provide strength and esthetics. Solve My Problem: A great-looking dental implant prosthesis with plenty of strength.

Denture Teeth: How to select the best for your patient

December 16, 2019

ByTerri Lively

Choosing the teeth your patient will use in their denture is essential. Our experts share their considerations regarding this vital decision.

What you to need to tell your denture patients about adhesives

October 25, 2019

ByTerri Lively

Research suggests that a discussion about denture adhesives with dentists is crucial for your denture patients. But do you know what you would say? We share the latest information about the denture adhesive market.

Comparing Denture Fabrication Processes: Which One is Best for Your Patients?

October 25, 2019

ByTerri Lively

When it comes to making denture bases, which digital fabrication process is right for your patients? Two studies give us insight into this critical issue.

Should You Order Dentures from Overseas?

October 22, 2019

ByTerri Lively

Overseas labs can make dentures affordable, but dentists learn quickly that you get what you pay for.

Denture Stomatitis: The Protocol for Prevention and Treatment

September 03, 2019

ByTerri Lively

Denture wearers are at risk for stomatitis, so help them prepare to care for their appliances and gums to prevent infections.

How old is too old for overdentures?

August 02, 2019

ByTerri Lively

Age alone is not a contraindication for implant-retained overdentures, but age-related health conditions can be.

Soft food for thought: Why explaining soft diet to your patients is crucial for compliance

August 01, 2019

ByTerri Lively

How to educate your patients about transitioning into their new dentures.

Swaying patients to opt-in for overdentures

June 26, 2019

ByTerri Lively

Help your patients make an informed choice regarding their tooth replacement.