Oral Care

Changing public perception: Redeeming dentistry’s reputation

August 03, 2020

Here are some dental products, services, technologies, and strategies that show the industry in a positive light.

Toothpaste that will make you think Twice about oral hygiene

July 01, 2020

Brothers Julian and Cody Levine and co-founder musician Lenny Kravitz have made it their mission to help people discover the power of a smile.

DenMat introduces new hydrogen peroxide oral rinse

June 25, 2020

DenMat introduces new hydrogen peroxide oral rinse. Oral rinse is the third launch in the company’s new infection control category of products.

July 2020 New Products

June 25, 2020

Cover Products and other Editor’s choice products throughout this issue are chosen based on innovation or their perceived impact on improving patient care and practice efficiency.

Preprocedural rinses, extraoral HEPA vacuum systems could key dentistry’s fight against COVID-19

May 07, 2020

Longtime dental innovator Dr. Kim Kutsch expects practices re-opening after shutdown to implement methods to eliminate the spread of dangerous aerosols, as well as a whole new way of screening and receiving patients.

Dental Video: Dr. Susan Maples Explains Total Health Dentistry

May 05, 2020

While dental practices have traditionally focused on treating issues related to patients' teeth and gums, research continues to find links between oral and overall health. In this video Dr. Susan Maples explains how her practice is focused on providing total health dentistry where she looks at how providing oral health care can improve her patients' systemic health.

Dental Product Presentation: Aseptico 7000 Series Implant Motor

April 09, 2020

Aseptico's Stefan Gefter explains the features and benefits of the 7000 Series Implant Motor which is designed for efficient and accurate implant and oral surgery procedures.

Oral Care Probiotics Supplement Overall Health Practices

March 30, 2020

Strains of beneficial bacteria can help balance the oral environment and promote patients’ oral and overall health.

ZR-Cem promises to revolutionize zirconia cementation

March 30, 2020

Indirect restorative dentistry poses unique challenges, but a new cement may provide clinicians with a much-needed solution.

Video: The Importance of Oral Systemic Health with Dr. Ellie Campbell

March 13, 2020

Family physician and AAOSH board member Dr. Ellie Campbell explains why oral systemic health is an important topic for dental professionals.