A complete recap of CEREC 30 in Las Vegas


The festivities opened with some of Sirona’s big chiefs and top educators. The company announced the new clinical director of Sirona Dental will be Dr. Mike DiTolla.

CEREC is 30 years old this year, and, to celebrate, Sirona Dental hosted CEREC 30, a Las Vegas celebration. Here's a look at some of the highlights...

Day 1

The festivities opened with some of Sirona’s big chiefs and top educators. The company announced the new clinical director of Sirona Dental will be Dr. Mike DiTolla.

Dr. DiTolla rolled out the new Transcendental Treatment Centers. Leave it to Sirona not to disappoint when it comes to innovation and style! Although available in Europe for some time, this is new to the U.S. market. The centers feature ergonomics second to none, and both operator and patient will love the comfort and simplicity of this unit.

The transcendental treatment centers are said to be the quintessential fit for clinicians looking to optimize and enhance their practice capabilities with top-of-the-line equipment. Reportedly smartly engineered to embody a look of elegance and unmatched functionality, transcendental treatment centers are designed to stand as the showpiece of any operatory.

With a history of manufacturing treatment centers since 1956, Sirona has installed more than 150,000 units worldwide since the 1980s and that number continues to steadily grow. Reportedly made with the highest class of materials and designed for optimum expansion and integration, transcendental treatment centers are said to provide clinicians superior flexibility while offering the patient the most pleasant experience possible.

They also reportedly allow practitioners to seamlessly integrate all components of digital dentistry, including CAD/CAM, implantology and endodontics, into one easy-to-use unit designed to streamline workflow while increasing efficiency. Ergonomically built to ensure optimum patient comfort while maximizing clinical proficiency, transcendental treatment centers are said to completely exceed the industry standard for supreme digital practice growth and performance.

“C30 presents the most advanced technology in digital dentistry and is a befitting forum to introduce our transcendental treatment centers to the US,” said Michael Augins, president of Sirona Dental, Inc. “With the experience and ingenuity that comes from decades of producing top-echelon products and services to the dental world, Sirona’s transcendental treatment centers are a paragon of innovation. Clinicians will be thrilled with the unlimited digital integration potential and state-of-the-art interface capabilities found only in our line of uniquely engineered treatment centers.”

Specifically, C30 features the new TENEO and INTEGO, two vanguards of the new generation of treatment centers created to transform any practice from ordinary to exceptional and provide users the transcendental experience.

Additionally, and in partnership with Kappler, C30 attendees reportedly can further enrich their practice configuration with transcendental dental cabinetry, a complement to the treatment centers. GENOVA, COMPONERA, ATHEN, and ATHEN LIGHT transcendental cabinetry units are said to elegantly integrate with TENEO and INTEGO for optimal convenience. Ergonomically designed for the doctor and assistant with dual positional work surfaces to reduce movement and fatigue, transcendental cabinetry reportedly provides increased accessibility to all instruments and consumables, promoting a clutter-free, simplified environment conducive for precise, time-saving operatory procedures.

The TENEO is designed for the integration of implant and CAD/CAM technology with the ability to run sterile water for implants, and the CEREC wand is right on the unit. It also has the ability to hook up suction and handpiece lines to the built-in cleaning adaptor, flushing the lines. The unit is designed for superior hygiene and was developed with easy to clean features-a dental assistant's dream!! Another great feature is the three-way syringe,with extra heated water and a light.

Following the treatment center announcement, CEREC 30 attendees went back to the ballroom to finish up the day with a talk by Emmitt Smith and a welcome reception hosted by VITA North America.

Those who have CEREC should attend these events with their team. The technology and information here can help take your practice to the next level. For those who don’t have a CEREC, this event can help ease their fears and show how to provide quality, same-day dentistry.

The best part of attending these shows is the people you get to meet. I learn so much talking to people from around the world and sharing stories and information to grow both professionally and personally.


Day 2

My room is facing west, so when the sun comes up in the east, it hits the Wynn Hotel (which is right outside my window) and lights up all of Vegas with its mirrored exterior. It’s such a great way to wake up in the morning!

Day two of CEREC 30 hit the ground running with breakfast and some phenomenal breakout sessions. There’s just one big problem … there are too many great speakers speaking at the same time so it’s hard to choose a class to attend! If you have CEREC or Sirona 3D, you know what I mean … you want to attend them all!

Before we left for Las Vegas and CEREC 30, my boss had gotten a quote for a new surgical suite from Patterson Dental. It’s something he’s been thinking about for a while and had decided to make the move. When he got here and saw the amazing technology of the Sirona integrated Treatment Centers and the Teneo, he was like a kid in a candy store! After our first class with the amazing Dr. August De Olivera, we went down to the showroom floor to talk details and order the unit. I cannot wait to get this installed in our office! After being in dentistry for 34 years, I can tell you that the technology has taken this industry by storm and, right now, is the best time to be in dentistry!

After lunch, we had another general session. It featured Fred Joyal, an amazing speaker who promotes marketing and team building. Here’s my advice … don’t ever pass up the opportunity to hear him speak!

Next, the Venetian came to life when Tony Robbins burst into the room! His energy had the entire crowd up and on their feet jumping around and hollering. Energy creates excitement and Tony does just that! He kept the room alive for 3 hours and he never stops!

To end the night, it was time for a tailgate party and the award-winning Train in concert to finish off a great day of speakers and nonstop learning. Seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and creating some great memories. It was a great day and a huge success!

Day 3

Everyone seems to be moving a little slow today after last night’s Train concert, but the dedicated ones are here and ready for some great breakout sessions. I started my day out in the Clear Correct breakout and it was a packed house! These sessions are one hour in length so there is a lot of ground to cover in that amount of time. All of the ones I attended were awesome!

My doctor had some questions about Clear Correct so after this session we headed over to the showroom floor to talk about the Clear Correct-CEREC partnership and how to properly scan and submit cases. It was actually a great time to do this because most everyone was in the breakouts and we had them all to ourselves!

Back to general sessions, Imtiaz Manji was the first speaker. If you have never heard this man speak, please make it a priority! This gentleman is amazingly inspirational and so insightful. When he speaks, people listen. His reputation as a leader and mentor has earned him that right, and he is one of the warmest, most compassionate people you will ever meet. Dr. Mike Skramstad, Dr. Todd Ehrlich, and Dr. Tarun Agarwal all followed suite and ended the last day of CEREC 30.

This was an amazing event and I would like to thank all the people behind the scenes. These are the ones who have worked for months to make this possible. You see them in their vests working nonstop to make sure everything goes off according to plan and they execute it perfectly.

This was a somewhat small and intimate venue. I’m told about 6,000 dentists and team members from around the world and that’s what I love about it! It’s all things CEREC. It’s focused on CEREC and 3D-integrated technology from one of the leaders in the dental industry. Sirona has amazing products and they have no trouble showing it off. This meeting is loud and proud. They make you feel like one big family here and they certainly take care of everyone, from speakers, entertainment, classes, food, and vendors. Sirona makes sure everyone walks away from this meeting with a sense of pride … and rightfully so. If you have invested in their products, then you are committed to giving your patients the very best that dentistry has to offer. You have invested in yourself and your practice and you stand out above the rest.

Sirona isn’t shy about their mission … to take their vision and make it possible to find newer, faster, and better ways for dentist to treat their patients, while always putting the patient first. Their partnership with Patterson Dental means their offices have unsurpassed support for products and services, and that’s something that Patterson prides itself on. Two great companies working together to help dental offices be the best they can be.

This was a truly an amazing meeting, informative, inspirational, and innovative. It was a meeting like none other.

Well played Sirona … VERY well played!

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