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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report September 2019
Volume 53
Issue 9

How the new elements™ e-motion endodontic motor enables optimal endodontic care.

Every clinician’s goal is to provide smooth, quality endodontic care to their patients as comfortably as possible-but that can become challenging when your equipment isn’t up to the task. Dr. Bernice Ko, a private-practice endodontist in west Los Angeles, California, was frustrated by this during past endo treatments.

“My experience with cordless endo motor options was there was not enough power in the handpiece, so the rotary file would get stuck during the canal preparation,” Dr. Ko says. “This created problems when trying to remove the rotary file safely from the canal and with completing the rotary root canal preparation.”

The solution

In April, however, Dr. Ko found a solution to these problems in the new elements™ e-motion endodontic motor by Kerr. “I don’t run into these problems with the elements e-motion. It is a powerful endodontic motor,” she says.

The features                                                                           

In addition to providing the necessary power, the elements e-motion uses an enhanced adaptive motion algorithm to provide greater cutting efficiency and better resistance against breakage, deformation and transportation.

“Plus, it provides improved safety since it has dynamic adjustment from rotary to reciprocating motion,” she adds. “I particularly like the movement safety features (auto-stop, auto-reverse and auto-reverse forward) and the clockwise and counterclockwise motor rotation options. I do think making the direction of motor rotation feature more easily accessible on the touchscreen would be nice, but just having the feature is fantastic.”

In addition to safety and power, the touchscreen is a big perk of the motor-and a big time-saver, thanks to its ease of use. The full-color screen provides easy access to the motor’s settings and users can customize it to their preferences.

“The intuitive touchscreen is a huge benefit,” Dr. Ko says. “This is a notably complete system that is user-friendly. The pre-programmed file settings and customizable presets make it incredibly easy to integrate into your practice.”

The benefits

Dr. Ko has in fact integrated the motor into multiple procedural steps, including crown-down root canal preparation, glide path creation and the completion of root canal shaping. She has found it simplifies procedures not only for herself but also for her patients.

“Other corded endo motor options I’ve tried were relatively loud, which can be unsettling for patients,” she explains. “The motors also didn’t have smooth operation, which makes procedures more difficult. However, the elements e-motion is much quieter and operates much more smoothly.”

And, thanks to the motor’s ergonomic design, the procedure itself will go more smoothly. Four mounting options for handpieces make it easy for left- or right-handed practitioners to customize to their needs and their operatory’s setup. Additionally, the handpiece’s small head makes it easier to reach posterior areas and allows for more visibility.

Why you should invest in the elements e-motion endodontic motor

Overall, Dr. Ko thinks the elements e-motion is a good addition to any operatory.

“I would definitely recommend the elements e-motion to other clinicians,” Dr. Ko says. “It is a powerful, complete and user-friendly system. Once you try the elements e-motion, it will be quite difficult to return to your previous endodontic motor of choice.”

Dr. Bernice Ko is a paid consultant for Kavo Kerr. The opinions expressed in this interview are those of Dr. Ko. 

KaVo Kerr is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own professional judgement in treatment of their patients. 

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