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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report September 2019
Volume 53
Issue 9

Rounding up some of the top dental handpieces available today.

There are few pieces of equipment more associated with dentists and dental care than the dental handpiece. Most patients refer to them as drills, but in the hands of a trained clinician, these precision rotary systems are used for much more than simply poking holes in things.

Whether it’s an air-turbine system or an electric system, the highspeed handpiece is the foundation of most restorative procedures. It is used to carve away diseased and damaged tissue and to carefully sculpt the remaining healthy tissue to properly support and retain a restoration. The hygiene department works with their own specialized handpieces designed for comfortable and efficient prophy appointments. Specialists also make use of specialized handpieces designed for their specific tasks including oral surgery and endodontics. 

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The function of the handpiece has not changed significantly over the years, but their design and features have been innovated and improved in almost every way. Modern dental handpieces are lighter than those of the past, and while they are capable of even more powerful and precise operations, they are also being designed to produce less of the noise that is so disconcerting to patients. Many newer handpieces are designed with smaller heads to make access to all areas of the mouth less challenging and to improve clinician visibility. Regardless of the type of handpiece you prefer to use, the latest models offer an enhanced experience for clinicians and patients alike.

If you’re in the market for an upgrade to your handpiece spend some time looking through the products and details we’ve collected in the next several pages. You’ll find details on some of the latest handpiece models, and other details to help you find the next piece to fit your hand.


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Nano 95LS 1:5 Increasing Compact Handpiece            

  • More than 10% smaller than conventional anglesit is ideal for clinicians with smaller hands, and the smaller, slimmer, lighter design provides balance and reduces hand, arm and shoulder fatigue

  • It has a durable titanium body with ceramic bearings and DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) is applied to the gears for optimal durability

  • The 1:5 Increasing handpiece has cellular glass optics that deliver brilliant illumination, a push button chuck for one touch bur insertion and removal, and a quattro spray

  • Its patented Clean Head System is designed to automatically prevent the entry of oral fluids and other contaminants into the handpiece head, prolonging the life of the bearings


888-675-1675 |


UltraPro™ Tx Air

  • For the dental professional who values products that minimize the aches and pains associated with performing prophylaxis, the Ultrapro™ Tx Air handpiece is designed to reduce hand and arm fatigue thanks to its ergonomic, lightweight design at 2.2 ounces and 360° swivel

  • Its soft-start motor minimizes splatter and is vibration-free to maximize patient comfort

  • The Ultrapro Tx Air handpiece safely performs prophylaxis by reducing friction and heat when polishing the patient’s teeth, allowing it to clean effectively while still protecting the enamel

  • Its universal E-type motor runs at up to 4,000 RPMs and can be used with other attachments and nose cones, and it can be used with all disposable prophy angles

Ultradent Products inc.

800-552-5512 |


TwinPower Turbine®High Speed Handpieces              

  • The TwinPower Turbine® high speed product line features the world's only double-impeller technology; a unique design that delivers up to 25 watts of superior cutting power even under high load conditions

  • For enhanced infection control, a pressurized air system prevents the intake of contaminated aerosol and other particles into the air line resulting in zero drawback

  • TwinPower Turbine handpieces also offer compact head sizes for greater access and visibility

  • Model options now include high torque, standard, mini, surgical, and basic, and they can be connected to various commonly used couplings

  • Other TwinPower Turbine features include: exceptional balance and comfort, ceramic bearings, rapid braking, a generous handpiece warranty, and a limited time, 30-day money back guarantee program

J. Morita USA

800-831-3222 |


PROPHYflex 4

  • Suited for all teeth all patients and almost all indications          

  • For ergonomic handling and well-balanced, stress-free procedures, choose the handpiece length that’s right for you

  • Avoid powder mist using the homogeneous, focused powder jet which also preserves the tooth structure

  • Thanks to the bundled jet, you can work with extreme precision and, with marking in line with your WHO probe, you always have a perfect overview of the pocket as well

  • Individually adjustable handpiece lengths provide even more sensitivity when cleaning pockets, particularly in subgingival applications

  • With three levels of adjustment, you can determine the cleaning performance yourself – from powder-free to maximum cleaning power

  • The perio tip is for subgingival applications, but can also be used to clean implants, crowns and bridges, as well as eliminate discoloration on exposed tooth necks

KaVo Kerr

888-ASK-KAVO |


430 Torque High-Speed Handpieces

  • An independent study showed that the 430 Torque produces 27 watts of power, which provides excellent cutting ability for all high-speed procedures

  • The small head design promotes superior field visibility, while fiber optic models feature a dual beam glass design that prevents shadowing in front of the bur

  • The dual drive air control maximizes airflow to the turbine, delivering powerful performance

  • With easy, do-it-yourself turbine replacement, handpiece downtime is reduced from days to minutes.


866-DTE-INFO |


Primea™ Advanced Air® from W&H®                           

  • Compact and lightweight, A-dec’s Primea™ Advanced Air® from W&H® is the first air-driven, high-speed handpiece with an adjustable bur speed and constant removal rate, even with increasing pressure

  • A sensor in the handpiece head constantly measures the rotation speed of the bur on the tooth, and when the system detects a slowing in the rpm, it immediately adjusts the air supply to maintain torque without the need to lift off or back up the bur, or press extra buttons

  • Adjustable bur speeds between 60,000 to 320,000 rpm provide optimal application speed for multiple procedures including crown and cavity prep, crown and bridge cutting all ceramic restoration removal, amalgam restoration removal and finishing

  • Integrated exclusively on the new A-dec 500 delivery, Primea Advanced Air offers the constant torque and power of an electric with the maneuverability of air, in one handpiece


800-547-1883 |



Lares 557 ProStyle™ SF Lite Highspeeds               


  • Awarded “Best Product of 2019” by the leading independent clinical research institute, Lares 557 ProStyle SF highspeed handpieces represent 40 years of dedicated design refinement

  • Featuring Lares exclusive new SilentForce™ Technology, the 557 ProStyle SF Lite has a compact head size for excellent access and visibility while delivering a robust 18 watts of cutting power

  • The Lares SteelGrip™ push button chucking system virtually eliminates chuck replacement and DynamicPrecision™ balancing assures whisper-quiet operation

  • Despite the long lasting stainless steel head and handle construction, the 557 ProStyle SF Lite weighs a mere 38 grams-one of dentistry’s lightest handpieces

  • Lares highspeeds are available in swivel and fixed back end models.

Lares Research

888-333-8440 |


Midwest® Phoenix® Series

  • Diamond-like-carbon coated ceramic bearings reduce friction and enhance performance

  • Dynamic Speed Control in the head limits free speed, but does not limit power

  • Tuned air flow in the head manages rotor speed to help protect bearings and limit noise generation, even at higher psi

  • Titanium-coated diamond grip for enhanced tactile feel and abrasion protection

  • Midwest Phoenix ZR delivers 15% more power than competitive handpieces

Dentsply Sirona

844-848-0137 |


AirLight M800X                              

  • The well-designed and precisely-manufactured AirLight M800X delivers an extraordinary torque of 27W, ensuring accurate cutting

  • It is equipped with specially designed X-Ball Bearings for quieter sound and longer life

  • The handpiece also possesses instant-stop capability (IS Tech) that reduces noise and eliminates backflow

  • In addition to four specially-positioned water ports guaranteeing optimal cooling, it has an all-new Direct-LED+ that provides a brighter and larger light pattern enabling clinicians with a clearer operative field and a built-in generator eliminates the need to be tethered to a delivery unit’s fiber optic system

  • The Micro-Tex slip-proof coating improves hand grip, increasing safety and comfort


877-863-4848 |



STATIS Highspeed Handpieces                              

  • The German made STATIS handpieces offer superior reliability and optimal torque for fast, efficient cutting and are perfectly balanced for less hand fatigue

  • With 20 watts of power and a strong chuck mechanism (32 Ncm), tooth preparations are performed with the utmost precision

  • Technologically advanced SteResistTM cage increases the useful life of the ball bearings resulting in a low cost of ownership

  • Comfortable handling for the dentist due to its light weight design that is perfectly balanced when attached to the dental tubing

  • Easy access because of the small head design


800-572-1211 |


Electric High Speed Dental Handpiece w/ Fiber Optics

  • Fiber optic capability provides ample illumination when used with a fiber optic motor

  • Internal irrigation efficiently cools the bur, tooth, and contra angle itself during procedures

  • Operates at speeds up to 150,000 rpm

  • Accepts standard high speed friction grip burs

  • Special coating and new ergonomic design allow for improved handling and grip during use


866-244-2954 |


Tornado X                                                                                 

  • Equipped with Accu-Chuck PreciPlus technology that assures a staunch clamping of the bur, eliminating vibrations and providing optimal stability and comfort

  • Cool Touch safety features are integrated into the head’s push button to keep the handpiece head at a safe temperature for enhanced patient safety

  • Wear-resistant Bien-Air ceramic ball bearings grant the handpiece extended service life and contribute to lower acoustic noise levels

  • In combination with an anti-retraction valve, the Sealed Head™ contamination control mechanism prevents oral fluids and other organisms from infiltrating the instrument's head, water lines, and treatment unit


800-433-2436 |



AeroPro Cordless Handpiece                                  

  • The AeroPro is a truly light-weight, well- balanced, ergonomic cordless and pedal-less handpiece

  • Its innovative design helps reduce hand and wrist stress by allowing hygienists to rotate the prophy angle a full 360º for improved intraoral access and comfort

  • The ChargeSMART™ Battery Technology ensures the quick-charge unit powers AeroPro with a long-lasting charge that lasts through a busy workday

  • AeroPro delivers dental professionals greater choice by allowing them to use most types of disposable prophy angles

  • The quick-touch button enables fingertip control and easy switching between low and high speeds


888-670-6100 |



  • Available in two head size options, the innovative turbine design of the NLXK improves torque output, resulting in 26 watts of power for smoother cutting efficiency while reducing procedure time

  • The NLXK is equipped with a Clean Head System and a Microfilter to prevent contaminants and particles from entering both the turbine and the water spray

  • Precision manufacturing and enhanced bearing technology of the NLXK means improved durability, longevity, and stability

  • The lightweight titanium construction achieves optimum weight distribution while reducing hand and wrist fatigue during treatments, and the ComfortGRIP™ surface treatment provides texture to improve grip while protecting against scratching and repeated autoclave sterilization cycles .   

Brasseler USA                                                                                                       

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