Solve my problem: Desensitize instantly and prevent bond degradation

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report September 2019, Volume 53, Issue 9

How DesensiMAX leads to better bond longevity.

The problem: Many patients experience sensitivity coupled with the fact that bonds can degrade over time

MMPs are naturally occurring enzymes that are emitted from growth and normal tissue turnover. MMPs are responsible for the degradation of bonds over time.

The solution: DesensiMAX (formerly BondSaver D)

  • New DesensiMAX is designed to instantly eliminate sensitivity

  • Said to compare directly to leading desensitizers but priced significantly lower

  • DesensiMAX blocks MMPs from forming, thus leading to better bond longevity

  • Provides fluoride at the restorative-tooth interface

  • Contains chlorhexidine and disinfects with powerful antimicrobial agents