Solve my problem: Safeguard your patients’ Protected Health Information

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report September 2019, Volume 53, Issue 9

How Vyne Connect makes communicating with patients convenient and efficient.

The problem: Sending information to patients via email can cause compliance nightmares

While email is a quick and convenient way to send information to your patients, it can lead to numerous compliance issues if your practice isn’t using an encrypted email service.

The solution: Vyne Connect

  • Vyne Connect encrypted email makes sending PHI or any other information necessary to parties outside of your organization a breeze and helps keep you in line with increasingly complex security regulations such as HIPAA

  • It utilizes trusted encryption standards for its messaging platform

  • A minimum of two encryption protocols are used for every delivery of a Vyne Connect message or attachment: 128-bit HTTP over SSL and 256-bit AES

  • Minimal training is required, and you can continue to use your existing email address

  • Send encrypted records from your dental practice to anyone, including other providers, patients or payers