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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report September 2019
Volume 53
Issue 9

Rounding up software products and how they each stand out from the crowd.

We asked leading dental software companies to share some of their platforms’ lesser known but most powerful features. The following roundup of software products includes details about some of the top practice management, image management, marketing, and other dental software applications. Each contains a tip, trick or secret feature that helps the application stand out from the crowd.

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CS PracticeWorks                                           

Designed to maximize efficiency and productivity, CS PracticeWorks help keep everyone in a dentist’s office working in sync. Practice Central provides patient information, as well as custom views of the day’s critical tasks for team members including which patients need medical history updates; what time slots are open for emergencies; and who has high-dollar-value appointments. Office Expert gives a management-level summary of recent activity, including insurance claims, treatment plans, outstanding balances and more. Every morning, Office Expert automatically prioritizes these issues, identifies the ones that need immediate attention and provides suggestions for resolving them. The software provides team members with actionable lists they can work from throughout the day.

The Secret: Bulk Archiving Claims                            

Users can easily move all claims with a status of RefusedCollectedDead claim, or Not sent to the Archived list at once. It is recommended that users archive claims with a date range from the oldest to one or two years old. To bulk archive insurance claims open the Insurance Claims main window and select the filters: RefusedCollectedPaper, and Electronically. Claims with a status of Waiting to Submit or Submitted cannot be archived; users must de-select these boxes. Use the date range and additional filters to define the list of claims to archive. Next, click Filter Claims. The filtered list is displayed and the Archive buttons are activated under Claim actions. Select a claim from the list and click Archive claim or click Archive all to archive the entire list. The user will be prompted to continue the action. Next, click OK. When the archiving process is complete, another prompt is displayed asking if the users wants to reset the filters and view the other claims. Finally, click OK and the Insurance Claims window will display only the claims that have not been archived.

Carestream Dental

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DentiMax Practice Management Software

DentiMax Practice Management software is not only intuitive, flexible and powerful, but it also mirrors a practice's workflow. From registering a new patient, to viewing X-rays while treatment planning, to understanding the patient’s financials, DentiMax flows just like your office. The software is packed full of easy-to-use but comprehensive features like e-Rx, electronic patient registration, live patient insurance updates, patient texting, and electronic document signing. Plus, with cloud-based solutions, you don't have to worry about upgrades or servers-your data is secure, and your software is always up to date.

The Secret: Family Ties

Connecting/linking, or more in particular, separating family members can be a real chore in most software systems. DentiMax has made this once complicated task so incredibly simple, you'll wish the rest of your work day was this easy. In DentiMax, having a common Head of Household is what connects people together as family members. For example, in a family of 5 (2 parents & 3 kids), Mom could be the designated Head-of-Household (HOH), which means the bill for the family would be in mom’s name if you ran a family statement (versus patient). In the meantime, Dad could be the subscriber for the insurance in this scenario. Mom would then be added as HOH for each family member’s profile that should be included on the account. When you view the ledger for any patient in this family, there is an option to view the patient data only, or the entire family account just by checking or unchecking the “view family” box. The same box is available when you go to post a payment (either for the patient or the family as a group), and you also have the option to print an individual patient, or family statement. Now let’s say one of their children turn 18 and move out on their own and are responsible for paying their own bills. To separate the former child onto his/her own account, all you have to do is select that he is now the head-of-household for himself (no longer mom), and if he is still covered under dad’s insurance, you keep dad listed as the subscriber (change nothing there). All of his charges will be listed as patient only, with himself as the responsible party, but the insurance will still go out under dad’s name. No need to inactivate that patient from the family account and create a new one. Just check 1 box, and you have the account updated, patients connected or disconnected, and all of your billing perfected.


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Dentrix G7 featuring Smart Image

A powerful, feature-filled practice management platform, Dentrix G7 is designed to manage all the front desk, clinical, and business management tasks of any dental practice. Features are designed for simple integration with straightforward workflows allowing a practice to coordinate and manage scheduling, billing and insurance claims while making it simple to manage patient charts, clinical notes, treatment plans and communications with dental labs. Business tools allow a practice to set goals and track progress to guide and manage every aspect of a thriving dental practice.

The Secret: Automatic image coding                         

Dentrix Smart Image expands your ability to provide quality care by connecting your clinical and financial process into one efficient workflow. When you acquire diagnostic images, Smart Image automatically associates them with the correct CDT codes for accurate billing, and displays them in the patient chart. Now the patient’s 2D and 3D images can be accessed without leaving Dentrix. Connecting the CDT codes with the images saves you time from manual entry and helps you get paid for the procedures you perform. The feature is designed to improve coding accuracy while enhancing office efficiency to maximize each clinician’s time and reduce duplicate data processes.

Henry Schein ONE

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Apteryx XrayVision

Apteryx XrayVision allows you to acquire, store, optimize and enhance clinical images captured from all of your imaging devices, including digital intraoral sensors, phosphor plate scanners, digital panoramic and cephalometric systems, flatbed scanners and intraoral/extraoral cameras. Featuring an open-architecture design that allows for direct integration with the most widely used brands of imaging technologies on the market today, Apteryx XrayVision delivers the freedom to choose which combination of imaging device brands work best for your practice. XrayVision integrates with all practice management systems, so your patient data is easily coordinated between your management and imaging software.

The Secret: Open-architecture integration with imaging devices

Apteryx XrayVision’s open-architecture design is a great feature of the software. The ability to directly integrate with imaging devices from most major manufacturers makes XrayVision unique in the industry, as the majority of imaging software systems on the market feature proprietary integration that makes the use of 3rd party technologies more difficult. XrayVision users can utilize digital sensors, intraoral cameras and many other technologies from a wide variety of manufacturers in one software without sacrificing workflow efficiency.

LED Apteryx


Patient FastTrack

Initially launched in 2018, Patient FastTrack is a fully HIPAA-compliant, convenient way for new dental patients to register right from their mobile devices and save both patients and caregivers time and effort. This system can simplify the patient registration process and reduce the amount of time patients spend waiting for their appointments. It’s simple for patients to access and complete your customized registration form on their own, and the software makes their information easily and securely accessible for the practice.

The Secret: Customer-driven enhancements                 

The following new features were all developed as the direct result of customer feedback. Customizable Questions: Practices can now choose the patient info that matters most to their practice, from insurance and medical history to contact info and more. Editable Patient Agreements: By request, the default privacy/financial agreements can now be edited – or new agreements added. And all agreements can be quickly and conveniently signed by patients right from their mobile device. PMS Autofill: Patient data is securely delivered to the clients’ Lighthouse portal, and for select software, that info can now be directly entered into their patient management software. Improved Patient Forms:  Lighthouse added top requested fields such as insurance info, plus streamlined the patient experience for even simpler registration. 

Lighthouse 360

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MacPractice DDS Gen 11

MacPractice DDS Gen 11 is practice management and clinical software for dentists who prefer to use Macs, iPads and iPhones. MacPractice’s all-in-one design enhances workflow, simplifies tasks, and protects patient information from ransomware and other PC malware on desktop and cloud. MacPractice software received the highest user satisfaction from Clinician’s Report (92%) including return on investment, and clinical, business, and overall satisfaction. MacPractice optimizes workflow with the lowest total cost of ownership to enable practices to focus on delivering the best patient care. In addition, new Gen 11 services include integrated two-way texting for patient communication; integrated credit card and other payment processing through TSYS; enhanced software integration with Jive phone system; and the Miracles for Children Rx discount coupon.

The Secret: Security and savings only a Mac can provide

Running your practice on macOS-native software has never been more affordable.  Apple’s user-friendly design, ease of use, and macOS-native security has never been more popular. Cyberattacks are real and growing. Healthcare cyberattacks are growing in 2019, especially Windows ransomware. Employees are frequently culprits of breaches when they click a link in an email that infects their PC and potentially every device they are connected to, whether in the office or cloud. Because most cloud servers run Windows and this server is shared with multiple Windows users, it is vulnerable to Windows ransomware and other malware that can infect cloud servers throughout the world. The reality is Apple computers can save serious money. Studies show Macs require far less onsite and remote IT support and users are far more satisfied with Apple devices. If you’re worried about ransomware and your patient data in Windows in your office or the cloud (even if you access it from a browser on a Mac); if you want macOS security for your data and macOS reliability; and if you’re disgusted with paying high fees for onsite and remote IT, you can escape to the shelter of macOS only by using macOS-native MacPractice DDS Gen 11.


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As administrative work continues to grow in dentistry, many dentists find themselves compromising the time they spend with their patients. Medcohere offers a completely paperless office solution for healthcare providers, including both dentists and physicians, so you can focus on the most important aspect of your practice. Medcohere is built to revolutionize healthcare by eliminating redundant chores and processing office tasks instantly through connecting providers in real time. 

The Secret: Real time referral reporting                     

With its built-in analytics feature, Medcohere provides real time reports on referrals, eConsults, patient numbers, and more. Oversee referral statuses, referral volumes, and completion rates to ultimately increase the number of patient cases accomplished. This tool also allows dentists to discover local clinics and specialists by tracking where patients are being referred and where new ones come from. Scope out competition and find a niche market through Medcohere to develop strong promotional strategies specific to your dental practice. Reports on total savings (calculated per month) are always available to you so your dental practice runs cost efficiently. Optimize the way you run your dental practice with Medcohere. 

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MMG ChairFill

MMG ChairFill is an automated marketing software system designed to automatically fill your schedule and chair with the right kind of patients at the right time. Integrations with all the major practice management applications allow ChairFill to monitor open chair time and search existing patient records 24/7 to proactively select, contact, and appoint the RIGHT patients without requiring any interaction from staff. ChairFill can fill last minute cancellations as well as filling open appointments months or weeks in advance. Practitioners set goals for total chair time filled as well as selecting what kinds of patients ChairFill targets using differentiators such as highest profit procedure, unmet treatment plans, time since last visit and more. In addition to appointing, ChairFill uses MMG’s Marketing Tracker technology to constantly monitor all of practice’s marketing campaigns to track new patients and revenue generated. This data allows the practice to run only those marketing campaigns with a high guaranteed return on investment.

The Secret: Automated workflows

ChairFill’s most unique feature is automation. In today’s data centric world tasks like segmenting all your patient records or determining which patients have the most unmet treatment could take your staff hours or days. By that time open appointment windows have closed or gone unfilled. ChairFill completes these tasks instantly and at a fraction of the cost. ChairFill can also automatically determine how best to communicate with each individual patient. ChairFill helps you strategically set up automated Campaigns that work for you like an in-house team of MBAs and ad execs. Automated communications meet your Patients where they are throughout the day and week with a combination of Email, Texts, Video, and Direct Mail with Custom messaging designed just for them. All patients are different. Would you send the same “Before and After” email to all of them? Of course not. ChairFill makes that distinction for you and sends custom messaging to each patient, giving you the best chance to convert a lead into a patient, or bring an old patient back into the practice. Ensuring you will be filling your schedule as fast as possible. ChairFill’s marketing tracking is also completely automated. For every single external marketing and internal ChairFill campaign the built in Marketing Tracker displays new patients, leads, conversion rates, production generated and total ROI so you can always be doing more of what’s working, and not wasting time and money on what’s not. ChairFill gives you the information you need to grow your Practice automatically.

MMG Fusion

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Open Dental Software

Open Dental Software provides a powerful, highly customizable, and affordable practice management solution well-suited to many types of practices: from a single practice to Enterprise Dental Service Organizations. Open Dental is Open Source. Users maintain full control of their data, while interoperability with third-party software adds even more functionality to an already extensive and well-rounded feature set. Rapid software release cycles give our customers timely access to new features in an ever-changing industry, while ensuring an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for both providers and office staff. Exceptional customer support, along with a variety of measurement and reporting tools, boost productivity and profitability.

The Secret: Enhanced eServices                     

eServices from Open Dental (available in a cost-effective Bundle) offer a full suite of internet-based features that provide enhanced access for patients and providers. By automating many tasks that were previously time-intensive and inefficient, they help practices improve their patient communication and accelerate practice growth. Providing patients with self-service options that are simple and convenient facilitates access to the care they need, when they need it.

Integrated Texting: Enhance patient communication with two-way texting. When combined with other services such as eReminders/eConfirmations, Web Sched features, and more, this automates processes to boost efficiency and productivity. If there’s a sudden change to the practice’s schedule, they can also text all patients with an appointment on a that day.

eReminders/eConfirmations: Sends automated text messages and/or emails to remind and get confirmation from patients about their upcoming appointments, minimizing no-shows and cancellations.

Web Sched Recall: Completely automates the recall process for a practice, automatically texting or emailing patients who are approaching their recall date. Patients follow a link and pick a date/time that works for them. That appointment then instantly appears in the schedule.

Web Sched New Patient: Allows brand new patients to pick a date and time for their first visit through the practice’s website, with an appointment showing up instantly in the schedule.

Web Sched ASAP: Gives practices the ability to quickly email or text patients who want to be seen quickly when there’s an opening. Patients receive a link to claim the opening online, and their appointment shows up instantly in the schedule.

MobileWeb: Allows the doctor to manage the practice’s schedule from a mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

Web Forms: Patients complete required paperwork online by following a link. The information is imported into Open Dental, reducing data entry and streamlining the intake process.

Patient Portal: A secure portal for patients to send and receive encrypted webmail from their providers, view their appointments, planned treatment, latest statement, and make online payments.

Open Dental


Eaglesoft 21

Eaglesoft 21 empowers dental practices to further streamline efficiency and simplify their daily processes, with the full backing of Patterson’s best-in-class service and support. From patient scheduling and insurance claim tracking to paperless charting and digital image manipulation, Eaglesoft is the solution for the entire practice. At the front desk, create efficient, productive and profitable work schedules using Eaglesoft’s flexible appointment management tool. In the operatory, acquire, save and enhance digital x-rays from the Advanced Imaging Window, or integrate directly with leading imaging management solutions. Images can be associated with a patient’s digital chart in the Chart window, which allows users to easily create a comprehensive, legible record of patient care. When you’re ready for patient walkout, Eaglesoft makes it easy to post transactions, apply payment in person, and submit insurance claims and patient statements electronically. This intuitive and user friendly solution allows you to be fully paperless and experience the power of automating your routine tasks so you can focus on patients and practice productivity. The latest updates include end-of-period processing, silent install and updates, and simple Safety Data Sheet management.

The Secret: IntelliCare automated patient alerts

Does your team have a lot of overdue accounts receivable or have trouble collecting patient balances? Perhaps you need a better way to keep patient records up-to-date? Eaglesoft’s powerful IntelliCare feature can effortlessly help you track key data for your patients by creating automated patient alerts. Upon opening patient record, you can be notified of: Overdue Balances; Missing email Addresses, Social Security Number, HIPAA Documents, and recare appointments; Upcoming Patient Birthdays; Overdue bite wings, full mouth series, or panorex; and Missing referral data. These alerts appear in Eaglesoft when the patient record is accessed, thereby providing you with timely notification. This, in turn, can increase your collection, ensure patient data quality and completeness, and increase recare efficiency. These alerts bring efficiency and effectiveness of indicator icons, as well as reminder popup windows that can be tailored to appear in different areas of the software based on user preference. Better yet, there is no limit to the number of IntelliCare Alerts you can set up. When the criteria set by the IntelliCare reminder is fulfilled, the indicator icon or pop up disappears.

Patterson Dental

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Pelident provides data visualization via fully customizable dashboards that go beyond the basic profit and loss statement. The software platform includes multiple modules including the base-level, always free Pelibooks which allows data to be imported from QuickBooks or an Excel file to create easy to understand graphs and custom dashboards. Pelident Financials makes profit planning quick and simple using localized benchmarks and artificial intelligence learning for easier and faster financial planning. Budgets can be set to localized benchmarks and are monitored daily to alert you if you are getting close to and/or over budget. Pelident brings clinical data into the mix and combines it with practice financials so you have a complete picture of what is happening in your practice in real-time. Reports can be customized and drilled down or viewed at a macro level.

The Secret: A.I. at work for your practice        

Unleash the power of your data and let it work for you. Our proprietary AI algorithms search through and combine data in unique ways giving you insights you’ve never thought of before. Pelident AI searches through all of the data in your practice and looks for opportunities for growth. Essentially it helps you create the “why,” “what,” and “how” of practice growth and offers deeper insight into your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). With every data set, there is a list of actionable items. For example, do you want to know how profitable any given procedure is by an insurance company? Pelident AI pulls in and combines the data to not only show you which insurance companies are more profitable, but it also shows you a list of all your procedures broken down by provider and insurance company along with their profit margins.

AI algorithms can make profit planning, literally push-button simple. By selecting the suggested or predicted goal button, your income goal is planned for the year and it’s done in under 30 seconds. For the adventurous, you can also create custom goals with our income slider bars.  With budgeting and other KPIs, we take the guesswork out of where you are and should be. 

Pelican Point Advisors



Denticon Cloud-Based Enterprise Practice Management Software

Denticon by Planet DDS is practice management software for the modern dental organization. It’s the only proven, time-tested software offering that was built from the ground up for multi-location groups in the cloud. Denticon allows dental organizations to break free from the constraints of desktop software with a comprehensive solution that includes all the tools needed to standardize, centralize, and grow. Denticon helps a wide variety of dental organizations achieve their goals, from large groups with hundreds of locations, to solo offices, and even mobile clinics. Denticon has the largest DSO footprint in the cloud, and the broadest user base among growing and established dental organizations.

The Secret: Advanced Charting

Denticon’s Advanced Charting module is a one-of-a-kind charting experience. This enhanced tabbed interface provides a comprehensive view of the restorative chart, perio chart, X-rays, and progress notes. These four different tabs can be popped out, allowing clinicians to view multiple windows at one time on the same screen (or on a second screen, side-by-side). For example, Denticon’s Advanced Charting gives users the ability to enter progress notes while reviewing the restorative chart. For dental offices accustomed to switching back and forth between menus and separate windows, it’s a game-changer. Even better, Advanced Charting allows clinicians to view X-ray images within the odontogram itself. No more moving back and forth between practice management software and imaging software-just click on a tooth in the odontogram and watch a thumbnail of the X-ray for that tooth appear on the same screen. This thumbnail can be re-sized, moved around, or even displayed on a second monitor.

Advanced Charting contains a number of other time-saving features, including a timeline view showing previous chart versions. Best of all, it’s part of Denticon’s all-inclusive cloud solution, available online via web browser anytime, anywhere you have internet access.

Planet DDS

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Planmeca Romexis®

Planmeca Romexis® is an advanced, easy-to-use software suite providing a rich set of tools to meet the imaging requirements set by any dental facility – from a small clinic to a large hospital. It supports the most versatile range of 2D and 3D imaging modalities and workflows from high patient turnover 2D imaging to advanced specialist 3D treatment planning. With simplicity as a leading design principle, Planmeca Romexis offers easy-to-use tools guaranteeing the software can be used with minimal training. The software offers compatibility with other systems, allowing you to freely use third-party products. Full support for both Windows and Mac OS operating systems provides additional freedom in operating your clinic. With a complete set of tools for image viewing, enhancement, measurement, drawing and annotations, Planmeca Romexis® improves the diagnostic value of radiographs. Versatile printing and image import and export functionalities are also included. The software consists of different modules – so you can choose those most suited to your needs.

The Secret: Planmeca CALM™                  

Planmeca CALM™ (Corrective Algorithm for Latent Movement) is the fi rst end-user solution for patient movement correction in the industry. Planmeca CALM virtually eliminates the effects of patient movement during CBCT acquisition. This exclusive technology removes distortion caused by movement providing clear, diagnostically rich images while reducing the risk of unnecessary exposures for the patient. Planmeca CALM is available on all volume sizes and resolutions Planmeca ProMax® 3D systems* and Planmeca Viso™ G7. Patient movement is a real concern when ordering a 3D image. Nearly 21 to 43 percent of CBCT images have movement. Simply swallowing during a scan can ruin a CBCT image requiring a retake. Planmeca CALM™ technology eliminates the effects of movement on CBCT images. This feature is incredibly beneficial with children who are easily distracted and patients with physical conditions that make standing still a challenge. Dr. Mike Moroni of Mirage Dental Associates in Castlerock, Colo., was faced with a dilemma when his patient with Parkinson’s disease needed several implants on both arches. “John’s” tremors were severe. Dr. Moroni was able get a clear CBCT image using Planmeca CALM and was successful with implant treatment.


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Solutionreach is focused on providing the technology, and the expertise on how to effectively use it, to deliver better care and build a more profitable practice. We show practices how to improve patient experience and connect with patients in the way they want to connect. The result? More patients schedule more appointments and actually show up for them. More patients leave glowing reviews of their providers for others to see, and then they book appointments. And all patients get regular communications that keep them connected to the practice and coming back.


The Secret: SR Conversations

More than two-thirds of patients want to text with their healthcare providers. Don’t believe it? Well Solutionreach did the research to back that up. Solutionreach sent the first text in healthcare, and no one knows texting better. That’s why Solutionreach built SR Conversations to be more than just two-way text messaging. So much more. Finally, you can categorize incoming texts and know which ones need your immediate attention-whether you're at the office or the beach. With its easy-to-use HIPAA consent tool, conversations can be both in-depth and compliant. Send text balance reminders with a link to pay securely. Let patients communicate with emojis and images. The list of features goes on and on. Best of all, patients don't have to download an app or register for a portal. The whole thing is just ridiculously easy. 


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Stop Gap Dental

Stop Gap Dental, (SGD) the ultimate dental solution app, was officially launched in March, 2019.  SGD utilizes a proprietary booking system that has revolutionized how dental offices and professionals are able to find and fill immediate temporary and future vacancies. The simplicity, convenience, and security of SGD has technologized the interaction between dental offices and dental professionals. SGD was designed and built to eliminate the inevitable problems and stress triggers faced in the dental industry. SGD was adapted to fit the industry's needs, ranging from personnel recruitment, posting and finding work opportunities, managing your schedule, making secure instant payments, tax tools and more. SGD is the dental industry's long-anticipated solution to the myriad of issues currently experienced. The vast capabilities of SGD utilize a patent pending algorithm that has far surpassed any prior solution or technology. The intelligent design of SGD is feature rich with a robust user interface for ease of use that is a culmination of factors derived from users geographical location, current and/or future needs,  availability, position type and skill set matching. SGD is the only solution for you!

The Secret: My Financials within the Dashboard of SGD

SGD gives dental offices and personnel the power to create, promote, and manage their careers. The platform manages your work schedule and simplifies filing of taxes with its inbuilt financial capabilities. Sarah Penland, Founder/CEO of SGD worked with licensed tax professionals to create the My Financials feature to provide a truly novel twist. Any and all jobs, payments and earnings are automatically saved. You can manually add expenses related to a specific job or your career in general, both of which can export to your CPA with a simple tap helping you make the most of available deductions. The abundance of features in SGD were individually curated to provide exceptional solutions. Another standout feature of SGD is its dual capability for finding and filling available jobs. This feature has revamped prior singular concepts of how jobs are filled. This dual feature of SGD allows dental offices to view the profile and reviews of and send a Request directly to industry personnel to fill an available temp job while simultaneously allowing industry personnel to view the profiles and reviews of and submit a bid directly to dental offices offering available temp jobs. This integral process has doubled the user’s opportunity for success.

StopGap Dental

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The XLDent dental practice management system takes advantage of the latest in software development and design tools to provide you with the most intuitive, robust, easy-to-use dental program available. XLDent is committed to the continual development of electronic health records, and features realistic tooth charts, restorative and periodontal exams, and progress notes. With XLDent, you will be equipped with a practice management software that is designed to improve productivity and profitability, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to focus on patient care. XLDent incorporates solutions to fully automate your practice and be truly paperless. XLDent is suitable for any dental specialty, is multi-location capable, and has cloud-based options.

The Secret: Enhanced data management with enhanced grids

The XLDent practice management software features enhanced grids, giving practice’s the power to sort, filter, and group complex lists of data. One of the biggest challenges a dental practice faces is finding the information they need in the sea of data. The enhanced grids in XLDent give dental teams the ability to organize and arrange patient record details in real-time. For example, when insurance claim follow-up occurs, enhanced grids eliminate the need to generate and print a report. In the interactive grid, all outstanding claim details are accessible on-demand. Drag-and-drop functionality allows data to be arranged in a way that is most efficient for the practice. Single or multi-field sorting is done with a simple click of the mouse or tap on the screen. Data can quickly be filtered and grouped by either single or multiple fields at once. The demands of managing a busy dental practice require the equally matched capabilities of the XLDent practice management solution. XLDent and enhanced grids allow users to manage data with modern tools and navigation, in a simple interface with powerful capabilities.


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Whether it’s billing and scheduling or a more comprehensive chartless solution, CS WinOMS exceeds expectations for practice management software and helps users achieve all the workflow goals of their OMS practice. The platform is designed so all components of the Carestream Dental product portfolio work together. The WinOMS software interfaces seamlessly with Carestream Dental imaging systems and software to create streamlined workflows for enhanced productivity and functionality. No other company can make this claim. Standard features of WinOMS include insurance processing and tracking; referral tracking, referral letters, referral analysis; financial reporting and analysis; implant, stage and recall tracking;  day sheet and night call list;  comprehensive ADA, CPT and ICD-10 cross-coding; prescription writing; state-of-the-art client server database technology; and patient dock, which allows users to put patients on hold, open up new windows and multi-task effortlessly or push patient records from one user to another (similar to email).

The Secrets: The Scheduler Snapshot & Patient Chart Status .    

This Scheduler Snapshot feature provides the user with quick access to details on patients who are scheduled for an appointment within a three-day range. (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow). Navigating through schedule snapshot allows the user to view different doctor, office or type of appointments. Clicking on a patient’s name will launch the patient’s EMR record. To configure filter options on Schedule Snapshot, select Tables > Appointments > Types. Then, search for an appointment and click edit. Finally, assign an EMR type from the dropdown menu. All appointments are set to EMR Type “None” when upon updating to v9.0.

The Patient Chart Status displays a list of elements to complete and track for the patient's current appointment. A Red X indicates the element needs action and a green arrow indicates the element is complete. The list is based on the elements selected in the Appointment Type Data Entry window. The list includes EMR Consents, EMR Notes, Anesthesia, Encounter Slip and Referral Letters. To configure Patient Chart Status: Click the gear icon as a shortcut to configure the Chart Status settings for the Appointment Type. Please note, all Patient Chart Status are based off the EMR Type. Predetermined criteria have been set for effortless usage.

Carestream Dental

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DentiMax Imaging Software

Whether you need imaging software to run on your in-house server, or you’d rather have a cloud-based platform, DentiMax has the solution for your specific needs. With Dentimax Cloud Capture, you can simplify your workflow by having access to your own website where you can log in and view your X-rays from wherever you have an internet connection. Whether you’re at the front desk or working outside of the offi­ce, you’ll have 24/7 access. With our client/server imaging software, you can find the solution that works best for your practice. DentiMax Imaging is designed to work with touchscreen, while Advanced Imaging includes a menu-driven application with customized toolbars. Either option is simple and easy to use. The choice is yours.

The Secret: X-rays integrated into the chart

These days there is a system for everything in dentistry, from time tracking, to communication systems, to attachments. However, logging in and jumping to different systems can be clunky and inefficient, especially when it comes to something as important as diagnosing and formulating a treatment plan while your patient waits in the chair. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see your X-rays in the patient chart while you are making your treatment plan? There are a few other software systems on the market that have figured out that it’s a smart move to add the X-rays and images directly to the charting screen. However, most of them have it set up to where you can’t see the odontogram and perform your charting at the same time you look at your X-ray images. Frankly, no one has the time or the will to toggle back and forth between screens or functions. With DentiMax imaging and DentiMax practice management software you can have both. DentiMax has a 1-click button for opening up the full-blown imaging software from any screen that you can select a patient from in order to capture, modify, merge, measure, and other advanced options. Once you save the image how you like it, you can see the saved image right there inside the chart! You will also be able to see how many X-rays you have captured per tooth to quickly identify “problem” teeth at a glance. There’s no bridge or third-party link required to filter, view, enlarge, and enhance your images right on the chart screen. Be fully informed while you are making your patient’s treatment plan, without having to toggle or zoom back and forth with the complete DentiMax solution. 


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XVWeb Cloud Imaging is dentistry’s leading picture archiving and communication system (PACS), delivering state-of-the-art clinical image capture, visualization, analysis and backup as a cost-effective SaaS (software-as-a-service) subscription. XVWeb subscribers can access the totality of their clinical image data 24 hours per day, 7 days per week from compatible web-connected devices. The XVWeb 3D module adds the same level of accessibility and security for patient CBCT image data. All CBCT visualizations, including 3D image rendering, are processed and performed via the cloud and are complemented by a full range of image analysis and annotation tools.


The Secret: Secure case collaboration via the web             

While XVWeb’s cloud technology has many benefits, the ability to serve as a secure portal for image and case sharing vastly improves collaboration with referring doctors. XVWeb allows users to create temporary log-in credentials, providing secure, HIPAA-compliant access to patient images from anywhere via the web. Records are accessible instantly, speeding the flow of information between collaborating practices while ensuring data integrity. XVWeb’s online image sharing is compatible with both 2D radiographs and CBCT datasets and provides clinicians with a full array of treatment planning tools. Image enhancement, optimization and analysis can all be performed and saved via a web browser, making updated clinical information instantly available between two practice locations.

LED Apteryx                                    


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