Solve my problem: Increase your practice's diagnostic capabilities and case acceptance rate

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report September 2019, Volume 53, Issue 9

ScanX PSPs delivers clear images chairside in seconds that enable you to make reliable and sound treatment diagnosis.

 The problem: Limited diagnostic area captured on size #2 dental X-rays with hard sensors versus ScanX size #2 PSPs

Due to the rigid nature of sensors, dental professionals are reporting hard sensors are difficult to place to capture all of the image area that’s desired, on top of being uncomfortable for many of their patients.

The solution: ScanX wireless phosphor storage plates (PSPs)

  • Provide 100 percent active area (edge-to-edge), allowing for more clinical data to be displayed


  • Durable, thin and flexible, they’re easy to place, especially in the hard-to-reach molar region


  • More comfortable for the patient; reduced gagging reflex and ideal for pediatric, geriatric, pronounced tori and patients with special needs


  • Same workflow as conventional X-ray film with a minimal learning curve


  • All dental intraoral image formats (size #0 through #4)


  • Only one ScanX centrally located in the practice needed