Video Test Drive: OMNICHROMA Flow BULK and BLOCKER FLOW from Tokuyama


Dental restorative expert and speaker Jeff Rohde, DDS, shares his experience with the streamlined, esthetic, and durable OMNICHROMA Flow BULK and BLOCKER FLOW from Tokuyama. [4 minutes]

Read Dr Rohde's feature on his experience using the simple and effective OMNICHROMA Flow BULK and BLOCKER FLOW from Tokuyama Dental America here.


Tokuyama Dental America has expanded its OMNICHROMA family by launching OMNICHROMA Flow BULK. The new bulk fill composite complements the company’s OMNICHROMA composite portfolio, offering dentists the same outstanding shade-matching abilities as previous products, and its strong physical and mechanical properties meet all restorative needs. OMNICHROMA Flow BULK is a 1-shade bulk fill composite, capable of shade-matching any tooth color from A1 to D4, and is designed to streamline clinician workflows, saving time and money. It is a low-viscosity, light-cured material that can be placed in 3.5-mm increments.

Why this bulk fill composite is different

The material esthetically matches every tooth color with a single shade, thanks to smart chromatic technology and uniformly sized supra-nano spherical fillers. Its low polymerization shrinkage, compressive strength, high polishability, and cavity line adaptation make it suitable for anterior and posterior restorations. OMNICHROMA Flow BULK offers clinicians the same benefits as the OMNICHROMA composite family, and it simplifies inventory management. Dentists have the flexibility to choose from the OMNICHROMA composite portfolio to address additional restorative

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