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No longer the future, digital impressions are ready right now

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report October 2019
Volume 53
Issue 10

A roundup of some of the best intraoral scanner options on the market.

It was not so long ago that the ability to wave a wand over a patient’s teeth to build a virtual model of their dentition was the stuff of science fiction novels.

In truth, dental digital impression technology dates back several decades, and today the technology is establishing itself as a new standard for efficient, accurate dentistry.

At their most basic level, intraoral scanners are designed to capture detailed information on the sizes and shapes of intraoral structures. A wide range of technologies employing a mix of cameras, lasers, software and more are used in dental digital impression systems, but regardless of the specific imaging technology, all of them feature a scanning wand that is passed along the patient’s teeth to send data a computer can interpret and translate into a digital, 3D dental model. These models are often more accurate than physical impressions, and because the files are digital, they do not change or break down over time.

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The first intraoral scanners were the starting point for chairside CAD/CAM dentistry systems, but today’s scanners are capable of doing much more than just same-day crowns and bridges. Today, digital impressions can be used for just about every type of case from restorative dentistry, to implant dentistry, to orthodontics, and more. The scans make for wonderful diagnostic aides and can be amazing patient education and communication tools.

Practices that have already embraced this technology are finding that intraoral scanning adds efficiency and can open the practice to a wide range of new clinical opportunities. Some practices now scan every patient at every appointment to keep a detailed, digital record of any changes to the dentition over time. Even practices who don’t use the technology with every appointment often find patients impressed by the standout technology.

If your practice hasn’t considered adding an intraoral scanner, this roundup is a great place to begin the search. 

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Planmeca Emerald™ S

• Enhanced over previous Emerald scanners, the Emerald S is 2.5 times faster scanning at 65 frames per second

• A larger field-of-view offers a comprehensive view of the patient’s oral environment

• Shade Assist technology simplifies the color-matching process through improved color uniformity to remove guesswork in matching restorations

• Lower power consumption, upgraded image sensors and redesigned laser drivers result in a more efficient scanner

• Other features include autoclavable, anti-fog scanning tips, plug-and-play capability and two-button hands-free operation


800-718-4598 | planmecausa.com 

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Aadva™ IOS

• Designed to make intraoral scanning simple, the Aadva IOS features a small and light handpiece said to be capable of reaching even the most difficult areas

• Start & stop mode can be activated with a simple gesture

• The handpiece is positioned on a rotating cradle with a heating function to reduce lens fogging

• The flexible arm and rotating screen allow the scanner configuration to be customized for any clinician’s preference

• The 19-inch touchscreen provides real-time visualization of scans, and interrupted scans can be restarted from any previously scanned area

GC America, Inc.

800-323-7063 | gcamerica.com




• Smart-shade matching technology detects the enamel color of the scan area to identify the ideal match and then compiles a shade report with multilayer shade information for the selected area of interest

• The CS3700 also features a 20-percent scanning speed increase over previous Carestream Dental intraoral scanner models without sacrificing accuracy

• Turbo speed scans have been tested and proven to scan in-vitro single arches in 30 seconds when the recommended PC configuration is used

• The scanner’s handpiece was designed in collaboration with the renowned Studio F. A. Porsche, the originator of the brand Porsche Design, and features optimized curves and sleek style for ergonomics and user comfort

Carestream Dental

800-944-6365 | carestreamdental.com

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• Uses high-resolution sensors and shortwave light to capture 1 million data points per second for precise digital impression capture

• Able to scan to depths of up to 20 mm to capture deep preps and even subgingival preparations

• Captures scans quickly and more easily than previous scanner generations

• Well suited to capture digital impressions that can be used for a wide range of clinical applications

• Increased field-of-view captures more data with less movement of the

scanning wand

• Validated and open data transfer options allow scans to be sent to almost any lab for restoration design and production

Dentsply Sirona

844-848-0137 | dentsplysirona.com

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• Quickly captures full-color digital impressions with some of the highest accuracy in the industry

• Designed to capture dynamic occlusion with the TRIOS Patient Specific Movement module

• Integrated Artificial Intelligence automatically removes excess soft tissue from the scans

• Open architecture system compatible with a wide range of clinical indications and CAD software applications

• Included Patient Excitement Apps for improved case presentation

• Caries diagnostic aid and monitoring tools (pending FDA approval)


908-867-0144 | 3shape.com 

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iTero Element Foundation

• Designed for restorative dental workflows and can be upgraded to add orthodontic workflows

• Offers flexibility with streamlined workflows for sending cases to labs and an optional chairside production workflow

• TimeLapse technology compares patient scans over multiple aappointmentsfor enhanced patient communications

• Includes technical service support, virtual classroom training, webinars and e-learning modules

Align Technology

408-470-1000 | aligntech.com 



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• Designed to provide value, efficiency and productivity to dental practices of all types

• An open system that supports a wide range of CAD/CAM workflows via the export of STL files

• Features an intelligent scan-detecting algorithm and two high-speed camerasfor highly efficient scanning

• Lightweight and comfortable to use, the i500 features a small scanning tip for easier intraoral access

• High-resolution, full-color digital impressions make identifying margin lines and different tissue types simple

• Capable of powderless scanning in most instances



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Aoralscan Intraoral Scanner

• Designed to provide a premium scanning experience at an economical price point

• Obtains high-quality digital impressions quickly and easily

• Suitable for capturing digital impressions for use with restorative, orthodontic and implant cases

• An open architecture system with open-source software

• Available at a flat price without ongoing annual license fees


800-422-7373 | aurident.com 

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 Virtuo Vivo™

• Compact powder-free scanner said to capture highly accurate digital impressions

• Removable, autoclavable scanning tips for faster turnaround between patients

• Available in either cart or laptop-based configurations, and older DentalWings scanners can be retrofit for the newest scanner handpiece

• With full-color scans, streamlined workflows and open STL file export, the system is designed for efficiency and connectivity

• Integrated voice and gesture control allows the cart-based scanner to be operated without touching the cart or screen

• Intuitive scanner interface and audio and visual scanning feedback enhance the ease of use

Dental Wings

888-856-6997 | dentalwings.com 

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Midmark Mobile True Definition™ Scanner

• Employs technology similar to the motion capture effects of Hollywood to make incredibly accurate digital impressions

• The first mobile intraoral scanner that operates solely on a tablet and features the smallest wand on the market

• The uniquely small wand makes scanning easier for clinicians and is said to create a more comfortable point-of-care experience for patients

• Upon purchase of the True Definition Scanner and affordable data plan, dentists gain access to unlimited scans, crown and bridge restorations, connections to their lab of choice and third-party providers and more


844-856-1235 | midmark.com/truedef


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Condor Intraoral Scanner

• Featuring one of the smallest scanning handpieces, the Condor is a software-based intraoral scanner

• Precise enough to scan objects as small and thin as a human hair

• Scan times as fast as 1 minute per arch and 30 seconds per quadrant

• Exports open STL files for easy connectivity to other CAD/CAM systems

• The handpiece is approximately the size of a toothbrush and connects to a laptop to complete the intraoral scanning system


info@condorscan.com | condorscan.com 

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• An open system using standard STL files, the MIA3d is designed for both restorative and orthodontic workflows

• The scanner is said to be fast and accurate

• An inexpensive scanner option, it does not include any click fees, scan fees, cloud fees or other ongoing fees

• A portable system, the scanning handpiece is connected to a laptop for easy transportation between operatories

• A plug-and-play system, the scanner can be controlled with a foot pedal

Densys 3D

info@densys3d.com | densys3d.com 

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VIZ Intraoral Scanner

• A scanner designed to provide clinicians or lab technicians digital impression capabilities with speed, comfort and effectiveness

• An open system compatible with almost any dental lab

• An economical scanning option with just the most-needed features

• Small and lightweight for a comfortable clinician experience

• Comprehensive product training is included

• 3D imaging is captured at 10 frames per second with a half arch scan capture taking less than 2 minutes

ADIN Digital

info@adin-digital.com | adin-digital.com 




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