Solve my problem: Cutting costs and reduce staff and patient risks from medical waste

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report October 2019, Volume 53, Issue 10

How the Medical Waste Machine turns medical waste into ordinary waste that is easier to dispose.

The problem: Medical waste removal is expensive but necessary

Medical waste, including sharps and potentially infectious materials, must be managed carefully and can involve risk to team members who must handle the waste.

The solution:

The Medical Waste Machine

• Converts regulate dmedical waste into ordinary waste that can be thrown out with the regular trash by sterilizing the waste and melting it into a single piece of plastic

• Reduces waste costs by up to 80 percent by eliminating the need to contract with a medical waste removal service

• Improves infection control by sterilizing hazardous waste, reducing the amount of time potentially infectious materials are present in the practice

• Reduces potential liability from the storage of hazardous waste on site at the practice

• Waste is reduced in size by approximately 75 percent, which means less total waste is disposed, reducing the environmental impact of the practice

• Reduces waste to a sterile, unrecognizable, amorphous block