Solve my problem: Seeing the light on optimized shade matching

October 1, 2019

How the Shade Wand helps eliminate ambient light variables to help match shades and minimize remakes.

The problem: Environmental factors make matching a patient’s tooth shade a challenge 

Depending on the light in the room, the clinician’s vision and even the viewing angle the clinician is using, tooth shades can appear different, making it difficult to make a precise match. 


The solution:

Shade Wand 

• The 5,500 kelvin LED light generates neutral, ambient light at three power settings 

• Provides the optimal amount of light at the patient’s mouth for easier and more precise shade matching 

• Eliminates color distraction and outside color sources from interfering with shade selection 

• Powered by rechargeable batteries that provide up to 4 hours of full-power light time on a single charge 

• No warm-up time required before it’s ready to use 

More on shade matching: How to color match with porcelain laminates

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