An evaluation of thepulsystem

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report October 2019, Volume 53, Issue 10

Contemporary Product Solutions takes a look at this dental appliance tool.

Contemporary Product Solutions recently conducted a review of thepultool® from thepulsystem® among 14 product evaluators currently in dental practice. All evaluators indicated that they would buy it and recommend thepultool to others.


Measuring at three inches long, thepulsystem fits easily into retainer or aligner cases. This two-in-one removal and seating too  is all a practice needs for their aligner patient care kit, and includes one thepultool and one thechewtool™. Discounted bulk pulsystems begins in quantities of 20. This cost-effective solution is designed to last a patient’s entire treatment time, reduce plastic waste and save practices money spent on patient care tools. 

Almost all evaluators (i.e., 99%) found the packaging to be excellent, great or very good. The compact and easy-to-store size was appreciated by three evaluators, while another’s commented that thepultool is “cost effective.” Its size and being individually wrapped allows it to fit into any aligner case offered in each practice.

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Comparability to other brands

thepultool features a finger ring on one end that is ergonomic and intuitive to hold, while the hook on the other end is used to gently pull upper and lower arch aligners away from the teeth starting at the posterior. The hook can be placed on either the lingual or buccal side of the molars depending on patient comfort.

thechewtool slides up and down the shaft of thepultool to comfortably seat aligners of various sized mouths. Starting from one side, the patient will hold the finger ring side of thepultool and bite down on thechewtool along their arch until they reach the other side to firmly and evenly seat their aligners into place.  A common complaint of traditional seating tools is that patients felt like they could (or did) choke on cotton-roll-sized seaters, and that they would lose their rigidity and become smelly after several uses. thechewtool maintained its durability and users found it to be comforting and “cool” to use, even when in public.

Although 50 percent of the evaluators said they currently don’t use a removal tool, 48 percent of those who do use one said that thepultool was better than what they’d currently been using. Evaluators noted several advantages of thepultool, including its sturdiness, bigger and better-shaped hook for removal, and longer handle. In particular, one evaluator noted that thepultool is ideal for individuals with decreased hand strength or the elderly, for whom removing aligners and/or other appliances (e.g., partials, night guards) would otherwise be difficult.

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Ease of use

To safely remove aligners with thepultool, patients are encouraged to fully latch the hook between the aligner and teeth and gently pull down (upper aligner) or pull up (lower aligner) and towards the front of the mouth. The ability to slide thechewtool portion of thepulsystem allowed patients to custom fit their tools to fit their mouths. Having an all-in-one tool for both seating and removing their aligners proved to be convenient and part of patient’s daily aligner regimen.

`According to 75 percent of the evaluators, patient instructions for how to use thepulsystem were clear and rated good, great or excellent. Patients told the evaluators that they liked or loved the tool, and that they were happy to be able to remove their aligners more easily, safely and with self-confidence while performing removal in front of someone else.


By eliminating the need for patients to put their hands in their mouths, thepulsystem promotes better aligner tracking, sanitation and helps patients avoid frustration or embarrassment when removing their aligners. Every evaluator gave ideas of other ways this tool was helpful such as seating dentures, partials, retainer removals and night guards.

Overall, Contemporary Product Solutions' evaluators found that thepulsystem gave patients an easy way to seat and remove their aligners and/or appliances, especially those with brittle nails, men and the elderly. Based on their experience, more than 98 percent of the evaluators rated thepulsystem as a perfect 5-diamond product.