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Keeping the exam area clean and visible

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report October 2019
Volume 53
Issue 10

DryShield provides simplified isolation while adding comfort for dental patients.

Dental materials can be environmentally sensitive, so maintaining an optimal oral environment is important. A dry, debris-free working field can make treatment more efficient and restorative materials more effective, but obtaining that ideal working environment can present a challenge.

DryShield effectively performs the tasks of a high-suction evacuator, bite block, tongue shield and oral pathway protector in one easy-to-use device. The mouthpiece lets dental practices easily eliminate dependency on saliva ejectors, bite blocks, cotton rolls and gauze. At the same time, DryShield provides a breakthrough in isolation, bringing new levels of ease and comfort to doctors and patients alike.

Dr. Sam Halabo

Dr. Sam J. Halabo

Dr. Sam J. Halabo, who has practiced dentistry for more than 22 years in Chula Vista, California, has used DryShield since the product first became available more than five years ago. When the single-use DryShield became available, he was excited to try it. Dr. Halabo’s practice is progressive technologically, so advancements in patient technology appeal to him.

“The DryShield is super easy to use and provides excellent benefits,” Dr. Halabo says. “It provides for the ability for a patient’s mouth to stay open with their tongue out of the way during a procedure, and retracts the cheek while allowing nothing down the patient’s throat-everything stays clean and clear.”

Solve my problem: First all-in-one isolation system with autoclavable and single-use mouthpieces

It provides for a clear, saliva-free environment for adhesion-especially important during implant procedures, he adds. Most importantly, the device also provides intraoral isolation. DryShield also allows for the ability to easily perform two-quadrant dentistry, reducing patient chair time.

Dentists report reduced chair times by as much as 40 percent per procedure when using DryShield, meaning the practice frees up time, allowing for additional procedures or patients per day. While it provides all of the same benefits to patients as the reusable DryShield device, the single use version requires no cleaning or autoclaving, which frees up even more time for staff who can focus on other tasks.

The multi-functional system appears simple, but along with isolation, the DryShield provides suction to remove liquids and debris, an integrated bite block to enhance patient comfort, patient protection in the form of a tongue and oral pathway shield, a cheek retractor which helps enhance visibility, and airway protection for patient safety. With all of this in one device, the DryShield remains simple to set up and easy to place and remove from the patient’s mouth.


DryShield Single-Use Mouthpiece

All DryShield mouthpieces are made from soft and flexible material that contours to the patient’s mouth. The hands-free, continuous suction feature means patients are comfortable and assistants can multi-task. The DryShield system also is portable for ease of use between operatories and offices.

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Patients report a more comfort- able experience no matter the procedure and typically face shorter appointments. In Dr. Halabo’s practice, patients’ reactions to the device have been welcoming.

“We’ve been using isolation appliances for number of years, so patients are used to it, and we always explain the benefits of the instrument to them,” Dr. Halabo says. “All of our patients have gotten really accustomed to the DryShield because it’s less invasive than traditional isolation such as rubber dams, clamps, and cotton rolls. DryShield is really simple to use, in and out. It helps keep patients’ mouths open and they stay comfortable during the procedure.”

In his experience, DryShield is proving to be better for adhesive dentistry, for isolation, and keeping moisture away from the work environment. For adhesive-based dental procedures, he explains, a dry, isolated environment means the restorations can last much longer than those placed in environments where isolation is not used or is not nearly as effective. Treatment overall, is more effective because of DryShield, Dr. Halabo says. Because of this, he uses DryShield on almost every patient.

“Treatment is more efficient, and treatment time is quicker,” he says. “DryShield allows more efficient work and time savings during work. I definitely recommend using DryShield because it’s an excellent patient isolation method.”

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