New Multi-Unit Abutment Available for the Neoss4+ Treatment Solution from Neoss Group


New implant abutment options allows clinicians to offer three different abutment styles for Neoss4+ cases.

New Multi-Unit Abutment Available for the Neoss4+ Treatment Solution from Neoss Group | Image © Neoss Group

Image © Neoss Group

Created as a way to add efficiency, predictability, and esthetics to full-arch, implant-supported restorations, the Neoss4+ Treatment Solution from Neoss Group now includes a Multi-Unit Abutment option.

Designed to provide an affordable, personalized treatment option for edentulous patients, the Neoss4+ Treatment Solution includes the option to use more than 70 implants with a hydrophilic Neoss ProActive implant surface designed to enhance primary stability. The solution can be used for graftless full-arch cases, and because the NeossONE implants compatible with the system offer a single prosthetic platform across all designs, the treatment plans can be easily customized to fit any patient.

Because of the flexible treatment design for Neoss4+ implant cases, clinicians can ensure uniform force distribution to support immediate provisionization.

"We are happy to introduce our new Multi-Unit Abutment with the Neoss4+ Treatment Solution to the dental community, says Neoss Group President and CEO Dr. Robert Gottlander, DDS, in a press release. “Our commitment to innovation has led us to create a solution that will empower dental clinicians to provide great care to their patients. We believe that the Neoss4+ Treatment Solution will give clinicians more options for full arch dental implantology and improve the lives of those seeking to restore their smiles."

Designed with key, patented features, the new Multi-Unit Abutment can provide clinicians with a 10º option with a reduced vertical height and the clinical screw fixed within the abutment. This is said to prevent the possibility of losing the screw during placement. The abutment design enables the screw to be tightened up to 32 Ncm for a secure connection.

Additionally, the Multi-Unit Abutments are treated with an esthetic yellow anodization. This is said to create enhanced esthetics between the yellow-colored titanium abutment and the peri-implant soft tissue. They are optimal for incorporation of temporary copings into the provisional restoration, making them part of a simplified, predictable workflow.

The new Multi-Unit Abutment option gives clinicians a choice of three different abutment styles for Neoss4+ cases. The implant solution is also compatible with NeoBase and Access Abutments. This allows clinicians to decide which abutment platform best meets the needs of the clinical situation.

The NeoBase Abutment platform is compatible with a number of digital workflows and offers both straight and angulated screw channels. The abutments are designed for streamlined workflows and cost-effective treatment plans.

The Access Abutment is designed to provide optimal retrievability. These low-profile abutments offer axial, angulated, and straight extensions to the implant. This makes it easier to restore at the abutment level rather than at the implant level. These abutments are said to be ideal for situations with narrow spacing and low vertical height.

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