vhf Named an Ivoclar Authorized Milling Partner for Ivotion Digital Dentures

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Expanded collaboration designed to offer customers maximum flexibility in designing and producing digital prosthetic solutions.

Ivoclar is expanding its long-standing, solid collaboration with vhf camfacture AG with the approval of vhf as an “Ivoclar Authorized Milling Partner” for its Ivotion denture system.

A leading provider of integrated solutions for high-quality dental applications with a comprehensive product and system portfolio for dentists and dental technicians, Ivoclar focuses on offering optimal flexibility in the use of its workflows and products. With this in mind, the company believes it essential to establish close strategic partnerships with third-party suppliers of hardware and software solutions, oriented towards the long term.

Vhf, a leading manufacturer of CNC milling machines, tools, and CAM software for the dental industry, now strengthens its partnership with Ivoclar. The possibility of processing the Ivotion Denture System on authorized vhf milling machines enables users to selectively use an extended range of indications while at the same time having the flexibility to choose between 2 leading CAD software suppliers.


With this new Ivotion partnering, Ivoclar is taking its collaboration with vhf in state-of-the-art monolithic prosthetics and digital dentistry to the next level. Offering leading-edge hardware and software solutions for Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) for dental laboratories and practices, vhf has earned a reputation as a worldwide leading manufacturer of dental milling machines. The expansion of the existing partnership is clearly in line with Ivoclar's aim to offer customers maximum flexibility in designing and producing digital prosthetic solutions.

In line with this approach, laboratories and dental technicians are given a choice of CAD workflows: They can either use 3Shape or exocad software to design their Ivotion dentures. This ensures a seamless integration into any existing interfaces. Once completed, the design data can be imported into vhf’s DENTALCAM software for further processing. Approved vhf machines will process the Ivotion discs by means of a dedicated disc holder.

Vhf’s products are known for their ease of use and high level of innovation, qualities that are shared by both Ivoclar and vhf. “We are pleased to welcome vhf, another renowned expert in CNC milling technology, on board with us,” says Tobias Specht, Senior Director Global Business Unit Labside Digital at Ivoclar. “As a new Ivoclar Authorized Milling Partner for our Ivotion discs, vhf fully meets the high standards we set ourselves in delivering perfectly finished dental prostheses. With this move, we also encourage vhf customers who have a keen interest in digital denture fabrication, to use our patented Ivotion Denture System workflow.”

Ivoclar introduced the Ivotion Denture System in 2020, along the way delivering new standards in the fabrication of complete dentures. The leading-edge system is part of Ivoclar’s proprietary Digital Denture workflow that enables dentists and lab technicians to take advantage of an efficient digital manufacturing process to create dental prostheses at revolutionary speeds. In addition to the user-friendly manufacturing process, it is above all the fast results that have delighted users and large numbers of patients around the world, Ivoclar states. Digital dentures are becoming a central topic in contemporary dental technology and increasingly more dentists, lab technicians and lab owners are in the process of switching their processes to go completely digital.

The Ivotion disc is the centrepiece of the Ivotion Denture System. Combining a tried-and-tested denture base and tooth material in a single disc, Ivotion enables the fabrication of monolithic complete dentures based on the unique “Shell Geometry” integrated into the disc. Upper and lower dentures can be created from a single disc and the need for bonding the denture teeth to the denture base is thus eliminated, resulting in shorter manufacturing times, reduced susceptibility to plaque accumulation due to the absence of gaps and generally enhanced durability of the dentures.