Panthera Dental Debuts Its New Removable Magnetic Implant Bar at IDS

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Thanks to magnetic inserts in the bar and attachments, the Magnet-XTM offers stable forces, lateral guidance and stability and easy handling for patients with less dexterity.

Described as the world’s first removable magnetic implant bar, the Magnet-X provides permanent stable magnetic retention that maintains the denture in place.

Panthera Dental , a global leader in CAD/CAM implant solutions and dental sleep appliance development, recently launched the new product at the International Dental Show (IDS). Part of the company’s Integrated Bar product line, the Magnet-X is a removable Wrap-Around bar that offers a new solution for All-on-X patients. It was developed with technical advice from Miles Reed Cone, DMD, and the Magnet-X is a first in that it responds to geriatric patients’ needs.

The magnetic forces guide the denture to the correct position and keep it in place. The magnets self-align the bar into right position autonomously. The patient does not need to find the right position or chew to get the denture into place, according to Panthera Dental. The magnetic male and female parts provide a durable solution and constant retention with no wear parts to replace.


Thanks to the custom abutments that are included with the bar, the Magnet-X solution offers divergent implant flexibly with up to 30 degrees correction. The custom abutments are straight on implants, so you do not need additional multi-units.

“This innovation is the result of years of research and development. Our team’s knowledge, manufactory capabilities, and the quality of the magnetic attachments of German company steco-system-technik have led to this world’s first magnetic bar,” says Gabriel Robichaud, CEO of Panthera Dental.

In addition to the magnetic advantages, the Magnet-X offers the same benefits as the Nylon Integrated BarTM: it is perpendicular to the occlusal plane, compatible with over 200 implant platforms and provides the same ease of handling and hygienic advantages of a removable prosthesis.

Dr Cone presented clinical cases and patients’ recent experiences last week at the IDS in Cologne, Germany, at Panthera’s booth D-010, Hall 1.2 where the official product launch also took place.