Myerson Launches Trusana Premium Denture System, Available Exclusively From Zahn Dental


This new complete digital denture solution includes Trusana Premium 3D Tooth Resin, Trusana Premium 3D Denture Base Resin and Trusana Bond Denture Adhesive.

Trusana Premium Denture System from Myerson | Image Credit: © Myerson

Image Credit: © Myerson

Comprised of Trusana Premium 3D Tooth Resin, the recently launched Trusana Premium 3D Denture Base Resin, and Trusana Bond Denture Adhesive, the new Trusana™ Premium Denture System is a complete digital denture solution available exclusively from Zahn Dental.

The system features the patented Trusana formulation which produces an unfilled polymer with optimal physical properties such as high flexural strength, fracture toughness, and wear-resistance, while also providing the translucency and esthetics required to replicate a natural smile.

Tough enough to withstand the forces a denture must face, Trusana Premium Dentures exhibit an impact strength of 10.2 kJ/m2, according to Myerson. The dentures also demonstrate low water absorption of just 0.3%, and after 14 days in water the dentures show a flexural strength of 129 MPa, and a flexural modulus of 3.0 GPa.

Trusana Premium 3D Tooth Resin is available in shades A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 and Bleach, while Trusana Premium Denture Base Resin is available in 4 shades: Original Pink, Light Pink, Light-Reddish Pink, and Dark Pink.

"We are thrilled to introduce the new Trusana Premium Denture system,” says Myerson President and CEO Jim Swartout in a press release. “We dedicated years of university-based research to create resins for 3D printing denture teeth with exceptional wear resistance and optimal esthetics and a denture base with high-impact strength. Independent clinical and in vitro multi-site studies have shown our patented 3D resins deliver the requisite strength and toughness with minimal moisture absorption. The dental industry has been asking for years what the Trusana Premium Denture System now offers — a straightforward 3D workflow using next level 3D resins to produce the highest quality dentures.”

The Trusana Premium Denture System is designed to provide dental labs with an efficient and consistent workflow. Trusana Bond provides a one-step bonding process to simplify attaching the printed denture teeth to the printed denture base.

“Our Trusana Premium Denture System empowers dental labs to elevate their craftsmanship, streamline their workflow, and offer patients unrivaled precision with high-impact strength,” Myerson Vice President Susan van Kinsbergen, CDT, adds in the press release. “By harnessing the potential of 3D printing and Trusana, dental labs can enhance their capabilities, drive efficiency, and deliver exceptional denture solutions that transform smiles.”

The materials are currently validated for printing on Asiga 3D printers, with validations for additional printers in development, according to Myerson. The new Trusana Premium Denture System is available through Zahn Dental via an exclusive partnership.

“Zahn Dental's ongoing relationship with Myerson has helped us deliver on our commitment of helping dental laboratories embrace and accelerate their adoption of digital dentistry,” says Rita Acquafredda, president, global dental lab & prosthetic solutions at Zahn Dental. “With the addition of Myerson’s complete digital denture system, we can continue to strengthen our portfolio of dental laboratory solutions that help improve our customers’ production processes and enhance patient outcomes.”

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