With Ease of Use and Comfort, Rebase III Makes a Strong Impression

Tokuyama Dental America Product Manager Annie Ngo talks about some of the benefits of the Rebase III hard denture reline material. [2 minutes]

Audio Transcription:

Hello everyone, my name is Annie Ngo. I'm a product manager at Tokuyama Dental America being responsible for all the marketing activities of Rebase III, OMNICHROMA Flow and the majority of Tokuyama Dental’s legacy brands of composites, bonding agents, cements, denture relines, and desensitizer. Thank you for having me today.

Following our missions of innovating tomorrow's dentistry today, we have worked diligently to continue developing new and improved products that will help make dental practices even more successful, we are very happy that our efforts are being recognized.

Rebase III is the maturation of chairside hard denture reline material, replacing Rebase II and continuing 30 years of Rebase brand legacy. Rebase III reaches new levels of quality and dependability that made Rebase III the preferred choice for chairside hard denture reline. Designed for all long term complete and partial acrylic hard denture reline applications, Rebase III further optimizes the overall chairside procedure through enhanced mixability, cutting the mixing time they have and achieving less bubble formation extended handling time without lengthening the overall procedure, maintaining the flowable consistency longer to be applied as a thin washed layer immediately after meeting.

Increased flexible strength outlasting the most durable hard denture relines available on the market.

But not all new features and benefits are held exclusively for dentists. Rebase III eliminates intraoral discomfort by removing hash chemical odors and tastes that are commonly associated with hard denture reline treatments. Rebase III remains methyl methacrylate free. Rebase III is pleasant for the patient and now easier than ever to use.