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As a dental practitioner, your hands and body make up the life cycle of your career. When you are focused on your patients, however, that is not always easy to take into consideration. 

As a dental practitioner, your hands and body make up the life cycle of your career. When you are focused on your patients, however, that is not always easy to take into consideration. 

That’s why Planmeca has worked closely with dental professionals and leading universities to develop a line of core equipment that is designed to extend the life of your practice with the ergonomics and usability you need to work efficiently, comfortably and safely. 

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Minimizing class movements

It’s no secret that class movements are unavoidable in dentistry. When considering the strain on muscles and joints over time, your dental unit’s design should be helping you remain within the Class I-III range of movements whenever possible; in other words, you should only need to move your wrists and fingers, with the occasional elbow movements required to switch handpieces and other instruments. 

Planmeca dental units are designed around this concept of ergonomics and are packed with features to minimize strain on your joints. The optional balanced instrument arm delivery system is extremely versatile, with flexibility, movement, and weight distribution for significantly reduced pullback while the instruments are in use. This arm can also move to virtually any position, allowing you to move it to your preferred position for optimal working ergonomics.   

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Compact designs, adjustable for a customized workflow

No two dentists operate alike. Your dental unit should be able to adjust to you, not vice versa. Planmeca’s line of dental units accommodates this with multiple delivery options: hanging tubing, cart delivery, balanced arm or side delivery. All Planmeca dental units also have an exceptionally simple and compact design, with plenty of space for you and your assistant to work comfortably. For added convenience and space-saving capabilities, units can be mounted with a monitor, microscope, dental light, or Planmeca ProX intraoral X-ray.

The units also feature a unique upright chair position for treatments performed with the patient seated, such as prosthodontics and orthodontics, or even tooth extractions. With the patient seated, correct jaw lines enable easy access to the treatment area, which is ideal for maintaining posture while still having plenty of room around the chair. 

For even more versatility, the units allow you to work either two- or four-handedly - making your work easier and more efficient. The wide height adjustment range allows you to work comfortably in a standing position, while the low chair position makes it possible to treat patients who are semi-reclined. Planmeca’s Sovereign and Sovereign Classic dental units also have a unique swivel base function, which enables you to angle your patient exactly where they need to be. This is especially useful in case of surgical tables, carts and other secondary equipment you may be bringing in. 

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Planmeca dental units: better care through innovation

The Planmeca Compact i, Sovereign Classic, and Sovereign make up a distinctive product line that is built with the doctor in mind. Feature-rich and designed to accommodate your preferred working positions, these units are made to minimize strain and maximize the life of your practice.


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Planmeca Sovereign

The Planmeca Sovereign is a combination of sophisticated engineering, innovative technology, and award-winning design. It is the only dental unit on the market with both a motorized chair swivel and a motorized base for exceptional ease-of-use for any treatment need, such as CAD/CAM, implantology, laser treatment, prosthodontics or even anesthesia – all in the same room. The length of the motorized backrest can be adjusted to optimally position patients of all sizes; available only on the Planmeca Sovereign, this innovative feature provides the best possible comfort for the patient and optimal working ergonomics for the dental team.

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Planmeca Sovereign Classic

The Planmeca Sovereign® Classic was designed around the key concepts of comfort and usability. A slim, compact cuspidor makes it the perfect choice for any treatment room, while the user-centered design offers unparalleled ease of use for both doctor and assistant. Ultraleather™ upholstery and ergonomic design also ensure patient comfort during procedures. The unit is fully customizable, providing options for personalized settings from its user-friendly touchscreen. A 6-position instrument console allows easy access to preferred instruments, while the Flexy™ holder for suction tubes and additional instruments supports the treatment needs of any practice.

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Planmeca Compact i 

Planmeca Compact™ i supports an ergonomic and smooth workflow, with simple and intuitive details that make your everyday work easy, comfortable, and efficient  without compromise. Its compact size fits almost any office design, plus it’s packed with features and functionalities to maximize your productivity. With more than 40,000 satisfied users around the world, it is expertly designed to accommodate a wide variety of needs in dentistry.

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