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One Year Later, Part 2

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2014-10-01
Issue 10

With summer coming to an end and the start of yet another busy fall, we are reminded of how another year has passed with just a blink of the eye. As we prepare to finish out the rest of 2014, we are reminded of the constant changes that we face in both our personal and professional lives.  

With summer coming to an end and the start of yet another busy fall, we are reminded of how another year has passed with just a blink of the eye. As we prepare to finish out the rest of 2014, we are reminded of the constant changes that we face in both our personal and professional lives.

In order to help you embrace changes in the realm of dental products, we sat down with 12 different dental professionals and discussed 12 products they have utilized in their practice over the last year. Here’s how those products have helped these practices move forward, making sure that even as another year passes, these practices are able to prepare for and meet the future head-on ...


F360 Endodontic File

Komet USA

Dr. Joseph deGuzman, DDS, recently spoke about how Komet USA’s F360™ endodontic files have helped streamline his endodontic procedures to make his practice more efficient.

As an endodontics educator, I aim to impart the knowledge that, in every endodontic case, success depends on proper canal preparation prior to the use of nickel-titanium rotary instruments. With that goal in mind, I was pleased to work with Komet USA in the development of the F360® NiTi files, offering guidance and rendering my opinions on the qualities required for superior endodontic rotary files.

The resulting F360® system allows me to quickly and predictably clean, shape and obturate the canal system with the fewest files at minimal cost. The F360® simplifies endodontic procedures for general dentists who offer basic endodontic care to their patients and is likewise well suited to the complex endodontic cases treated in specialists’ practices. The system is easy to use, prevents ledging, and enables chemical cleaners to passively reach the apex.

With a chairtime savings of as much as 40 percent per case, the F360® is simply an easier, faster and more economical option.

For more information, log on to kometusa.com.

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Durabraze Crown and Bridge Diamond

Brasseler USA


is a privately practicing dentist and nationally recognized educator, lecturer and author. With an extensive history in leadership, previously as Executive VP of Clinical Education for Spear Education and Clinical Director of the Pankey Institute, Dr. Brady is currently the Director of Education for Clinical Mastery, providing hands-on and live patient programs across the country. Dr. Brady has also developed a vast library of online instruction at leeannbrady.com. She practices in Glendale, Ari., is the clinical editor of the SSC Journal, and is a member of the editorial board for the JCD and Dentaltown Magazine.

Crown and bridge represents a big part of my practice production, and finding a more efficient and cost effective diamond is always of interest to me. One of the challenges I have experienced with diamond burs is that they “clog” up or collect debris and become less efficient for cutting before they actually get dull. We have tried several methods to clean off the debris and get more use out of traditional diamonds, but this takes employee time and has been less effective than I hoped. When I heard about Durabraze and how efficiently they cut and that they don’t clog, I wanted to try them.

I will never go back to regular diamond burs again. I never look down and see white debris clogging the bur, and the cutting efficiency stays exactly the same through the use of the bur. We no longer spend lots of time in sterilization trying to clean diamond burs, so it has streamlined both the clinical side and the back office systems around crown and bridge.

I would recommend the DuraBraze Crown and Bridge Diamond because it offers faster and more efficient preparations, time saved during the prep appointment, increased uses per diamond bur, and less time in sterilization and cleaning burs.

For more information, log on to brasselerusa.com.

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Narrow 3003 Chair

Pelton & Crane

When Dr. Margie Williams, DDS, was building a new office for her general practice in Denver, she was interested in purchasing new patient dental chairs. She was introduced to the Pelton & Crane Narrow 3003 Chair and was immediately impressed by the modern appearance and features.

“The best benefit is the narrow back because I can sit closer to the patient without having to lean,” Dr. Williams said. “This feature is great for ergonomics during procedures.” She also explained the best benefits to the patient are the memory foam and massage: “Whenever a patient is referred to my practice by a relative or friend, they always say ‘I heard that I have to try out the massage.’”

Dr. Williams said she would recommend the chair to colleagues. She added, “By virtue of being a dentist, I have a sore back. The feature of the narrow chair back has helped me because I don’t go home sore anymore.”

For more information, log on to pelton.net.

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Take 1 Advanced

Kerr Dental


, a practicing dentist in San Antonio, TX, specializes in restoring her patients’ smiles to a natural-looking, beautiful state. As part of the restoration process, Dr. Cuevas utilizes the “sandwich technique.” She loves this technique because she believes that “it is the easiest and the only impression taking technique that can deliver perfect impressions every time, even for the difficult situations!”

Dr. Cuevas explained this technique is unusable unless she has the proper material. For a long time, she had been in search of a VPS impression material that would be stable and non-distorting when set. Dr. Cuevas’ search ended when she was introduced to Take 1 Advanced by Kerr Dental. She noted, “Take 1 Advanced is the only VPS impression material I found that delivers all necessary attributes that are required for this technique. Given all this, it is also a fantastic material for every other impression technique.”

“Take 1 Advanced has made a great impact in my practice,” Dr. Cuevas said. “By finally having the proper material for my impression taking technique of choice, I have been able to take perfect impressions every time without the need of retakes ... ever!” Dr. Cuevas also explained that Take 1 has positively affected her bottom line: “Less retakes equals less chair time and happier patients; therefore, more profit!!”

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While Dr. Cuevas loves Take 1 Advanced because it allows her to utilize her impression technique of choice, she said the best benefit is that there is no material distortion (shrinkage or expansion) post setting. She added, “As dentists, we always worry about this fact because it directly affects the seating and fit of our final indirect restorations. To be able to have a material that guarantees that peace of mind is genius!”

Dr. Cuevas said that she would absolutely recommend Take 1 Advanced because she believes in it. She shared that she found this material through trial and error, and that she has no financial interest in the product or the company. After almost 20 years of practice, Dr. Cuevas said that she could finally state, “I get amazingly detailed impressions every time, no matter the environmental difficulty, because of Take 1 Advanced!”

For more information, log on to kerrdental.com.

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Clear Collection for Aligners


Dr. S. Jay Bowman recently spoke to DPR about how the Hu-Friedy Clear Collection of instruments has made an impact on his private specialty practice of orthodontics.

As clear aligner treatments have evolved and been refined, we have employed more advanced applications for increasingly complex malocclusions. Additionally, there has been more interest in addressing some of the limitations of moving teeth with plastic. The Clear Collection of instruments by Hu-Friedy were developed to help to increase the utility of aligners and expand the scope of appropriate applications.

The Clear Collection instruments have streamlined and standardized some procedures that we had already been attempting to provide, while opening up options for other methods to accentuate or refine treatment as well. In the past, some clinicians were cutting notches in plastic trays using scissors or nail clippers, or attempting to adhere buttons to the trays-all unwieldy endeavors. With the Tear Drop pliers from the Clear Collection, a standardized notch is easy to create that has a “reservoir” to hold the elastic on the tray; thereby, making it easier for the patient to seat their aligner and connect their elastics. The Hole Punch can be used to clear impingements that cause the patient pain or inflammation from the plastic in each of a series of aligners. The two accent pliers in the Clear Collection, the Vertical and the Horizontal pliers, are used to create impressions into the aligner plastic to contact-specific surfaces of individual teeth to affect an additional force or create a mechanical couple in the desired direction. This may avoid another so-called series of “Refinement” aligners with the attendant impressions and set-up, saving time and reducing the “hassle factor.”

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The Clear Collection assists in the addition of adjunctive forces to broaden the types of malocclusion problems that may benefit from aligner treatments along with enhancing and accentuating biomechanics. This helps to reduce the known limitations of aligners and the orthodontist’s occasional frustrations. The clinician can more efficiently individualize treatment for each patient by altering trays in a series, adding appropriate forces to affect desired tooth movements.

The instruments in the Clear Collection help the orthodontist to better personalize clear aligner treatments, enhance their desired biomechanics and streamline the addition of adjunctive forces in “real-time” during a course of series of aligners. The Clear Collection has become an indispensable part of our clear aligner armamentarium and these instruments are used constantly through each clinic day in our practice.

For more information on The Clear Collection, instructional videos are available at: bit.ly/Hu-FriedyClearCollection.



NuSimplicity™ Chair


Dr. Bradford B. Liles, DMD, PC, recently expanded his office to accommodate the needs of his Alabama practice. During the expansion, Dr. Liles needed a new hygiene chair that was cost-effective.

After sharing this concerns with his Patterson Dental representative, he was directed to DentalEZ® where they encouraged him to see the NuSimplicity Chair in person. The sleek, modern appearance and the great features immediately impressed Dr. Liles.

“I bought the black model, and it looks sharp in the office,” Dr. Liles said. “It is big enough to comfortably accommodate all of my patients, and it is really built well. My patients are always commenting on the appearance and comfort that the chair offers.”

Dr. Liles shared additional benefits: “The NuSimplicity Chair has really been the perfect hygiene chair because it is easy to operate and easy to clean. This chair even has the convenient feature of memory positioning.”

Dr. Liles said he would recommend this chair. “It’s really the work horse,” he explained. “The NuSimplicity Chair allows me to be comfortable while working efficiently. It is all around a good quality dental chair that can be used for any procedure or cleaning.”

For more information, log on to dentalez.com/nu.

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OP300 Maxio

Instrumentarium Dental

Dr. Terry Work, DMD, is a practicing general dentist who is committed to providing his patients the highest level of care. When Dr. Work contacted his dental supplier in search of a panoramic X-ray machine, they introduced him to Instrumentarium’s OP300 Maxio.

Dr. Work explained the OP300 Maxio was really a great investment for his practice. He recalled, “We no longer have to send patients out for scans, which saves time because now we can take the scans right at the office. We use the OP300 Maxio for panorexes and cone beam scans. It has been very beneficial to my patients because it allows me to better diagnose their issues.”

Dr. Work explained that the best benefits of the OP300 Maxio are the ease of use and the quality of the images. He also loves the planning software because it is very intuitive. “With this software, I am able to plan implants and surgeries more accurately, which enables me to provide the best possible outcome for my patients,” he noted.

Because of the price point and high quality imaging the OP300 Maxio provides, Dr. Work said that he would highly recommend this product.

For more information, log on to instrumentariumdental.com.

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Dr. Kristin Jorgensen, a practicing dentist at Legacy Family Dentistry in Georgia, recently spoke about how Identafi® has benefited her practice.

I had been looking for a product that would allow for an easy and comfortable “deeper level” tissue exam for the early detection of oral cancer for a long time. I have used other methods in the past but they were usually very involved and often included something uncomfortable for the patient (patients did not like the taste of the pre-rinses, and the dyes can be messy). The Identafi is easy for the practitioner to use and comfortable for the patient.

The Identafi has been a very positive experience for my practice. My patients appreciate that we are taking the time to thoroughly check them for oral cancer. Having the Identafi has also instilled in me a very routine visual exam protocol, whereby all surfaces are thoroughly checked on every hygiene patient. Prior to the Identafi, my exam was much more cursory and less routine, therefore it did not get done as often … [it] was more of a “hit or miss” type of exam. With the Identafi, the exam is very intentional and done on every patient.

I think the ease of use of the Identafi and the comfort for the patient are distinct advantages. The patient barely notices that you are doing the exam. My staff has been able to adapt to it very easily as well. I would recommend the Identafi for its ease of use, as well as the clinical information it gives. I also felt the price of the unit was very reasonable compared to other products currently on the market. I have been very pleased to add this service for my patients; as the threat of oral cancer is on the rise, it is wonderful to have a product that can help detect things earlier and be a potential life saver for my patients.

For more information, log on to Identafi.net.

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Caesy Cloud

Patterson Dental

Dr. Shauna L. Pier, DDS, recently spoke about how CAESY Cloud from Patterson Dental has made an impact on her general dentistry practices.

Patient education is a priority in my practice, as informed patients often make the best decisions about their health. When I was first introduced to CAESY Cloud, I was eager to try the tool because I loved the idea of having all of my educational materials in one place that could be accessed anywhere. I own two practices, so this aspect of CAESY Cloud was a huge draw for me, knowing that no matter which office I’m at for the day I am able to utilize the system. Additionally, I had used the CAESY DVDs in the past, so I knew the videos were high quality and the material was very well developed.

I can tell that whenever I use CAESY presentations, my patients truly understand what a procedure entails. The diagrams and illustrations help them see the procedure in action and have made them more willing to accept treatment options. I recently had an emergency patient come in with a large cavity. When showing the videos, I was able to explain pulpititis and outline treatment options should the tooth continue to cause the patient problems. Videos like these build great patient-doctor relationships. The system also offers post-operatory instructional videos and printable instructions that patients can take home with them, so even when a patient leaves, they still have access to educational materials. CAESY Cloud helps break down communication hurdles and has even helped overcome language barriers in my office. With CAESY Cloud, I can ensure I receive true informed consent from my patients. Better yet, CAESY Cloud saves my staff time by allowing them to set up different operatory rooms while the patient is viewing a video.

Not only have the videos been a great way to educate my patients, they’ve also proven valuable when training new staff members. After my office lost a few veteran assistants, we trained our new assistants with CAESY Cloud videos, which helped make the transition much smoother. The new staff were better able to grasp the concepts of several procedures they had not yet been exposed to and became better assistants in the process.

I would absolutely recommend CAESY Cloud to other dental professionals because of the high quality educational videos offered and the system’s ease of use. Before CAESY Cloud, it was difficult to find the wide variety of educational videos that is needed for a general practice, but this system puts everything at my fingertips and makes educating my patients and staff a breeze.

For more information, visit caesycloud.com.

Sofreliner Tough®

Tokuyama Dental America Inc.

Dr. Ian Shuman, DDS, MAGD developed what he calls “a real love for the art” of denture fabrication in dental school. But at that time there was a void in the materials science. Many of the lab and chairside reline products were inaccurate due to shrinkage distortions, and with exothermic reactions during intraoral setting, patients were uncomfortable.

However, when introduced to Tokuso® Rebase Hard Reline from Tokuyama, Dental Dr. Shuman was impressed. “The material was extremely easy to use,” he remembered. “From a clinical perspective, there was no slumping, minimal shrinkage, extremely strong mechanical properties and a high polishability. Patients reported no odor, bad taste or heat generated during setting.”

Following this successful experience, Dr. Shuman was eager to try Tokuyama’s Sofreliner Tough®, an auto-mix chairside silicone liner, which left a similar impression. “[Sofreliner Tough] had some terrific properties,” Dr. Shuman recalled, “unlike any I had seen before, and that includes lab processed soft liners.”

Dr. Shuman was not the only one pleased by Tokuyama’s reline materials: his patients were satisfied as well. “Patients who are happy with their dentures are your best ambassadors and they will boast this to their friends who in turn want the same,” he said. “I can confidently say that patients who can have their broken or ill-fitting dentures fixed within 30 minutes know that your practice is a special place. From referrals alone, these materials have made a huge impact in my practice.”

Dr. Shuman recommends these denture reline materials. “Tokuyama Dental is one of those rare companies that continues their diligence and care by offering resources that are a natural fit for all practices,” Dr. Shuman said. “I have taught denture relining and repair techniques to thousands of dentists who are grateful that these materials exist. But even more so, they offer our patients a much-improved quality of life.”

For more information, log on to tokuyama-us.com.

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NOMAD™ Pro 2


Dr. Jim Williamson, DDS, became interested in the NOMAD™ Pro 2 when he saw emergency personnel using this handheld X-ray system in the field. He explained, “It seemed like the golden answer to not be limited to the distance that the arm of mounted X-ray units provides.”

When Dr. Williamson first introduced the NOMAD Pro 2 to his staff, he noticed that they were a little resistant, but now he cannot get them to use a mounted wall unit when the NOMAD Pro 2 is being used in another room. Dr. Williamson said, “The staff likes it better because it is easier, they are not fighting an arm making their work quicker and more efficient.” Additionally, he explained the handheld X-ray has sparked patient curiosity and using this reliable X-ray system has made patients view their practice as professional and forward thinking.

“The flexibility of this X-ray system has really been advantageous to Utah’s Give Kids A Smile program because it is portable and can easily be moved around the facility,” Dr. Williamson shared. “This makes it a lot easier to see patients, and really is a great advantage to the program.”

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Dr. Williamson raved about the many benefits that NOMAD Pro 2 offers: “It has helped to provide patient comfort because the system is flexible and convenient. It is safer for patients because it offers less radiation than the wall units, while still providing the same quality X-rays.”

“The cost savings are great because you do not have to buy as many machines to cover your office, while enabling your practice to be more efficient because you can take the X-ray anywhere you have a sensor,” Dr. Williamson said. “I would recommend the NOMAD Pro 2 because of its cost, ease of use, flexibility, convenience and quality. It is really a great benefit to my practice.”

For more information, log on to aribex.com.

Quattrocare Plus

KaVo Dental

Dr. Mark E. Hyman is a North Carolina dentist and a public speaker committed to providing his patients the highest quality care. Dr. Hyman recently spoke about why KaVo’s QUATTROcare Plus has been a great addition to his dental practice.

We have been very impressed with KaVo’s electric handpieces. After making the investment in these high-tech handpieces, we wanted to ensure we had the optimal care and maintenance of this equipment. That is why we turned to QUATTROcare Plus.

With QUATTROcare Plus, we can service four handpieces per cycle. My team loves this product because it is very simple and easy-to-use. When I asked them about the system they said, “It is so easy, even a doctor could use it,” which hurt a little!

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The sterilization and infection control is not necessarily the sexy part of a dental practice, but it is so critical to providing patients the highest quality of care and protection. When you go through sterilization procedures, you’re constantly wondering if the system is working well. With QUATTROcare Plus, you can see the materials flowing out of the handpieces as you service them. QUATTROcare Plus is extremely beneficial because you know that you are maintaining your handpieces and protecting your patients.

QUATTROcare Plus helps the clinical team to be efficient and effective. QUATTROcare Plus is cutting-edge technology because it is not time intensive, so it keeps the team free to do their primary tasks.

For more information on QUATTROcare Plus, log on to kavousa.com.

This article originally appeared in the October 2014 issue of Dental Products Report. For articles on other great products, click here to subscribe to DPR's newsletter bit.ly/1oJNUaR.

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