Accurate impressions: One clinician's take on the benefits of DENTSPLY Caulk's Aquasil Ultra Cordless system

October 16, 2014
Stan Goff

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2014-10-01, Issue 10

In this Product Double-Take,  DPR talks to Dr. Cynthia Schuler about her experiences with the ergonomic benefits and other perks of the DENTSPLY Caulk Aquasil Ultra Cordless tissue managing impression system - and how it has made her job that much easier.

In this Product Double-Take,  DPR talks to Dr. Cynthia Schuler about her experiences with the ergonomic benefits and other perks of the DENTSPLY CaulkAquasil Ultra Cordless tissue managing impression system - and how it has made her job that much easier.

I received an email blast last fall on DENTSPLY Caulk’s roll out of their Aquasil Ultra Cordless system. It was a time when I was personally struggling with a hand injury, actually a thumb trigger. At the moment my only concern was the ergonomic advantage the impression device would have for me. I could no longer comfortably pump or syringe impression materials. I immediately sought out and took a course to demo its use. Well, one use and I was sold.

How to create accurate crown and bridge impressions with Aquasil Ultra Cordless

What kind of results have you experienced?

The results have been amazing. Putting aside the whole hand issue, I am just totally impressed with the accurate impression results when using Aquasil Ultra Cordless. Did you hear me? Seriously the name says it all  -  CORDLESS! The cost savings from virtually no retakes more than pays for the product.

What are the best benefits for both patients and the practice? 

The best benefit for the patient is that in most cases it is no longer necessary to pack/place cord. Another benefit to patients is ease of use, which makes for a smoother overall appointment. As far as I am concerned the best overall benefit is the ergonomic advantage.

I have a new Associate that also uses the Aquasil Cordless and he is thrilled with it. Dr. Hall loves the accuracy and that there are virtually no retakes with no pulls and tears in the impression. He had a serious hand injury just prior to going into practice so he understands the overall ergonomic benefits as well.


Check out this video review of the Aquasil Ultra Cordless system: 

Aquasil Ultra Cordless takes impressions without packing retraction cord

Why would you recommend this product to colleagues?

I think we as dentists/hygienists take our hands and the miraculous things they do for us everyday for granted. This is until either through injury or long-term use and abuse we begin to have pain or altered ability. I have made changes in my office since the trigger developed, such as the use of Aquasil Ultra Cordless on all my units, new cords to all the handpieces/air water syringes, and the purchase of ergonomic hand instruments and handpieces such as DENTSPLY’s RDH Cordless Freedom Prophy System for the hygienist. I was a hygienist for 10 years prior to becoming a dentist so I know both fields. Regardless of my personal story, this is just an awesome device that can make your life a whole lot easier and gives excellent results!

My practice is totally patient centered where much time and concern is spent on the patients’ overall well being. I also pride myself in being concerned for my staff’s happiness and well being. I have dedicated most of my professional life to organized dentistry and currently serve as the Secretary of the Dental Society of Western Pennsylvania. I am honored to be a member of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and the International College of Dentists

I truly appreciate this product. Regardless of whether you have hand issues or not it is a great impression system. The moment in practice at which the impression is taken is always a high anxiety moment, for various reasons. Patient’s comfort being the first but also hoping for that perfect impression with no defects so there are no retakes. It actually saves time and money. The Aquasil Ultra Cordless has accomplished this for my office and I am happy to spread the word.

Problem-solver: DENTSPLY Caulk's Aquasil Ultra Cordless impression system


Aquasil Ultra Cordless

Aquasil Ultra Cordless is a tissue managing impression system that eliminates the need for retraction cord and paste in most cases. It provides an easy, one-step system that places super high tear strength material precisely around the prepared tooth or passively into the sulcus within seconds for a less stressful experience that reportedly delivers very accurate marginal detail. 

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