A need for speed: Dentrix takes practice management on the road

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2014-10-01
Issue 10

For Dr. Todd Snyder of Laguna Niguel, Calif., speed is essential … not only in his dental practice, but also in his race car that he keeps just outside of Las Vegas.

After starting his practice from scratch a little less than 15 years ago, Dr. Todd Snyder is now comfortable enough with his success to spend part of his time practicing his craft in California, while pursuing his passion for racing in Nevada.

“To me, there are a lot of parallels to dentistry and racing,” Dr. Snyder said. “You have to be focused and you have to be consistent. You also have to have the necessary tools to succeed. For me, that includes my Dentrix practice management software.”

Henry Schein Practice Solutions launches Dentrix® Mastery Tracks™program at ADA 2014

Dr. Snyder has found that, even though he is spending time away from the practice, he can keep up with the latest appointments and changes, thanks to Dentrix Mobile.

“The mobile version of Dentrix has been great for me,” Dr. Snyder said. “I have access to everything I need from my tablet when I am traveling. It gives me a lot of convenience and easily lets me keep up on the KPIs (key performance indicators) of my practice to let me know how we are doing as a business.”

In his car, Dr. Snyder knows the importance of speed. He also knows how important speed and efficiency are to his practice.

“If my software doesn’t keep up with me, there’s going to be trouble,” he said. “I run my practice with a very small team. However, with Dentrix, they are very quick and profitable. Additionally, it’s amazing how quickly my team can learn what they need to know with the training modules available. They can sit down with these tools and learn a lot about helping us have a successful and profitable practice. If there’s a question that can’t be answered through the modules, there are great personalized Dentrix training programs available as well.”

Dr. Snyder started with Henry Schein Dentrix when he opened his practice and plans to continue that tradition when he expands his practice to include the Las Vegas area.

“Dentrix is tried and true and there’s a big company (Henry Schein Practice Solutions) behind it if I ever need any support,” Dr. Snyder said. “I’ve seen numerous programs, but I like how intuitive and easy-to-use Dentrix has been and continues to be.”

With Dentrix as one of the pistons of his practice’s well-oiled engine, Dr. Snyder knows the future is bright.

“I’ve seen some of the things coming down the road from Dentrix and Henry Schein Practice Solutions and I’m excited about it,” Dr. Snyder said. “They seem to be growing and adding new things … just like my practice.”

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