Dental Products Report-2013-07-01

Dental Products Report

A behind the scenes look at Kerr's Nexus RMGI

August 05, 2013

Want to go behind the scenes of product development? Here we talk with Nicholas Domanico, Product Manager, Permanent Cements, about what it took to develop Kerr’s new dual-adhesive system, Nexus RMGI.

Top 5 reasons to bring your team to Destination Education

July 31, 2013

Destination Education, Nov. 8-10, 2013, is more than just a ‘good’ cosmetic dentistry program. Its speakers and topics are designed to provide real-world connections to recent dental innovations in an environment that will help you and your team approach today’s patient and practice needs with confidence.

How this practice is making prevention a priority [VIDEO]

July 25, 2013

For the team at Marietta Smiles, prevention is key to providing optimal care. They want to provide the best customer service and patient experience possible while the patient is in the office, but for optimal results, they know that care has to continue once the patient is home. 3M ESPE preventive products help them offer that level of care, in the practice and beyond.

Dental Innovator: How DEXIS helps the dental industry keep its cool

July 23, 2013

We talk with Carsten Franke and Boaz Munnerlyn of DEXIS about the company's path to success and how it's helping dentistry become "cool." Q: I feel like this Q&A should start with a “Thank you” - DEXIS has provided several outstanding product launches to feature in DPR this year!

Dental Innovator: How DenMat's expanding line of smile improvement solutions put the company on top [VIDEO]

July 23, 2013

DPR recently chatted with DenMat Chief Operating Officer Robert Cartagena about the company's expanding reach, the evolution of the Lumineers brand and much more. Q: This year DenMat strategically positioned itself as more than a single product or category. Why?

Dental Innovator: Lighthouse 360 combines high tech and high touch to provide efficient patient outreach

July 22, 2013

DPR recently talked to Lighthouse 360 co-founder Brian Smith about how the company's automated patient communication service brings patients back with an individualized touch. Q: Options for patient outreach have evolved substantially over the last 5 years. How is Lighthouse working to stay on the leading edge?

Dental Innovator: How "BIOLASE leads the way in creating the 'total technology solution'..."

July 22, 2013

DPR recently spoke with Biolase Director of Clinical Research and Education Dr. Chris Walinski about the company's continuing innovations in laser dentistry, plus its claim as an established player in 3D imaging solutions. Q: Biolase has-for many years-been synonymous with innovation in dental lasers. The WaterLase is a standard bearer in that tradition. How has the WaterLase brand and product evolved to meet the needs of the high-tech dental practice?

5 reasons to incorporate InnoDen's BIOX into your practice

July 10, 2013

The BIOX portable x-ray device is lightweight and easy to operate. Designed to save time and money, it can take up to 100 x-rays when it’s fully charged, and the large LCD screen displays information in an easy to understand format. Here are 5 reasons you might want to incorporate the BIOX portable x-ray device into your practice:

Go behind the scenes of GC America's GC FujiCEM™ 2

July 08, 2013

When GC Corporation released GC FujiCEM 2 in 2012, this second-generation resin modified glass ionomer luting cement was met with much praise for its F2 Flex Fuse Technology. The F2 Flex Fuse Technology was created and perfected to support indirect restorations through amplified strength, a greater release of fluoride and tremendous reliability, all while maintaining a low film thickness.