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We talk with Paul L. Child Jr., DMD, CDT, executive vice president of Bisco Dental Products about how eCEMENT is filling a gap not currently being serviced by others in the marketplace.

We talk with Paul L. Child Jr., DMD, CDT, executive vice president of Bisco Dental Products about how eCEMENT is filling a gap not currently being serviced by others in the marketplace.

Q: This is an interesting case in which the growth of one material, lithium disilicate, sparked the development of another. How important is it to Bisco to remain responsive to trends?

A: BISCO’s ability to be responsive to industry needs is only one key component of its overall global strategy. Setting the trends themselves is also a key strategy, such as with TheraCal LC. However, lithium disilicate as a material is hugely successful, and therefore it makes sense for BISCO to market a product that will complement it. eCEMENT is just that-a complement to lithium disilicate, one that eliminates the confusion of which cement to use and when.

Q: At what point did the lithium disilicate boom command the interest of the Bisco R&D team? Or, more precisely, how long has eCEMENT been in development?

A: Products take much longer to develop than what most dentists think. In addition to the initial research and development, there is a plethora of regulatory and marketing activities that must take place prior to launching a new product. Lithium disilicate has been an interest to BISCO for many years, and we have been testing many of our products in conjunction with it to ensure compatibility.

Q: We all know what a premium Bisco puts on quality R&D and the science behind its products. How do you know when a product is ready? What clinical evidence do you need?

A: BISCO puts our products through rigorous and thorough testing to guarantee they will work in all clinical situations. Occasionally, if a product does not meet our standards, starting over may be considered, or at the very least, postponing a planned launch. We are more concerned with providing quality products that perform as indicated than just putting a product out on the market.

Unfortunately, clinical trials can take years to be accepted in the literature as clinical research, and is timely, expensive, and more difficult to conduct now than in previous years. For example, although there is 10 years of clinical data behind lithium disilicate, there are still many who may question it, or have yet to even use it. However, observation and new clinical research shows a fantastic success rate with this product, thus the introduction of eCEMENT.

Q: How is eCEMENT filling a gap not currently being serviced by others in the marketplace?

A: There are many cementation systems available to the clinician today, ranging from resin-modified glass ionomer cements to self-adhesive resin cements to pure resin cements. This provides multiple types of cements for the clinician to choose from, but also may add confusion to the selection process.

BISCO wanted to simplify this and provide one kit for all types of lithium disilicate restorations: from veneers to crowns to bridges. The eCEMENT system includes all the necessary components to successfully cement lithium disilicate restorations, and includes the silane, the etchant, and light-cured and dual-cured cement.

Q: How does this offering build on other key developments within the Bisco line of products?

A: Offering eCEMENT builds on our already successful line of cements that we have offered for more than decades. BISCO prides itself on its unique and effective chemistry of dual-cured materials, which offer properties not found elsewhere.

Our customers expect the best and highest quality products, and have become accustomed to having us deliver that. eCEMENT follows in this tradition as a new and superior product with research and science as its foundation.



Designed for lithium disilicate restorations, Bisco’s eCEMENT kit features high-strength resin cements formulated to provide better esthetics at the margin.

eCEMENT offers a light-cure and dual-resin cement to ensure lithium disilicate restorations provide long-term retention of single or multiple restorations, as well as shade stability. Additionally, the radiopaque cement offers easy placement of lithium disilicate veneers, onlays, crowns, three-unit bridges and inlays.


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