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We talk with Laura Woodruff, sales manager for North America SDI, as she explains why patients rave about Pola Whitening products and what it can do for your practice.

We talk with Laura Woodruff, sales manager for North America SDI, as she explains why patients rave about Pola Whitening products and what it can do for your practice.

Q: DPR is currently fielding a survey asking dentists about the trends they’re seeing in the presentation and acceptance of whitening. From your vantage point on the manufacturing side, what are you seeing in terms of whitening demand?

A: In terms of whitening demand, we feel it has been consistent over the last several years. Most offices have whitening programs in place but the difference is in the way each office markets their specific whitening products.

We have found there is always an interest in learning more about a new or different whitening line. The main reason for this is most offices know whitening is a very hot topic and if it isn’t offered in their dental office, the patients will eventually leave for another office that does offer whitening or will purchase over the counter products.

Q: How do the options within the Pola line help dentists deliver better results to patients?

A: The multiple packaging options are definitely an attractive feature of the Pola line for dentists. We have the “pre-packaged” aesthetic packaging for offices that prefer to offer a professional looking whitening kit to first time whiteners investing their own money into a take-home package.

It is common for offices to offer this type of packaging for the first official whitening treatment because they charge anywhere from $200-$400 for this package. We also offer very cost-effective packaging options for the office to provide maintenance whitening and whitening for life program syringes.

When looking at how we provide better results, the built-in desensitizer and shorter wear times set us apart from other whitening lines. Patients are getting the desired results without the longer wear times and sensitivity they have often encountered with other whitening products.

Q: What materials does SDI have available to help dentists promote whitening in their practices?

A: In addition to all of the tangible products that can be sent immediately to the offices, i.e. patient brochures with informative FAQ sections for the patients, appointment cards, posters, and even ceiling tiles (which many offices do use), the Pola website has a VERY comprehensive collection of online marketing materials that are pre-made to promote almost any holiday or event.

These are easily made into personalized documents by adding the office information and promotional product information based upon what an individual office wants to promote. We also have all of our product images and Whiter Brighter You logo images in jpg format so the offices can easily save these images to their own computers and insert into their social media pages, flyers, websites, etc.

Another great marketing tool actually exists within the product line itself with Pola Paint. This cosmetic whitening pen makes a great marketing tool when placed in the front of the office. It not only markets Pola whitening in the office but also shows patients the Pola line has many options for take-home whitening.


Riva Bond LC

Riva Bond LC is a 9th generation of adhesives that dramatically reduces the polymerization stress caused by composites shrinking. Riva Bond LC is a universal light cured adhesive for direct restorations.  Until now, dentists have had no choice but to place a composite they know will shrink and not be able to do anything about it. Riva Bond LC’s unique Stress Reduction Technology™ incorporates bioactive ionglass™technology with advanced glass ionomer resin technology ensuring minimal stress at all bonding interfaces. 


Pola Office+

Pola Office+ reportedly requires less than 30 minutes of treatment time. Because it doesn’t require light activation, the system can be used with or without a bleaching light as any heat emitting curing light can be used.

Plus, the neutral pH bleaching and built-in desensitizer of Pola Office+ is said to offer maximum comfort during and after treatment, resulting in lower sensitivity and less patient discomfort. Equipped with a dual barrel syringe system capable of reaching tight spots, the whitener doesn’t require mixing trays as it mixes as it’s applied to guarantee a blend of activated gel.

Pola Day CP

A rapid take-home teeth whitening system, Pola Day CP promises immediate change with a wear time of just 15 minutes once or twice per day. The gel is pH neutral, composed of 35% carbamide peroxide and has a high water content that stops teeth from drying.  Plus, the high viscosity, fluoride-infused, spearmint flavored gel remains where it’s placed and remineralizes the tooth surface, assisting in sensitivity reduction.

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