Dental Innovator: Pentron's Correct Plus Impression Material provides accuracy, performance and affordability

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"What made me pull the trigger was trying the products."

"What made me pull the trigger was trying the products."

Q: With so many impression materials available to you, what was it that made you pull the trigger on becoming a Correct Plus Impression Material user?

A: Like most products we use as dentists, actually using the product on the patients first is key.  Companies can say all they want about their products, but what counts is how the products perform in the office. What made me pull the trigger was trying the products. Then, coming to the conclusion that the Correct Plus Impression Materials were better than what I was currently using to make impressions.

Q: Accuracy is obviously a huge issue with any impression material. What results have you seen using Correct Plus Impression Materials?

A: In my practice, crown and bridge, complete dentures, partial dentures, and Invisalign are the procedures that involve using impression materials. With all of these procedures, I want the accuracy, but I also want something else. These Correct Plus Impression Materials produce accurate first attempt impressions, and that’s the something else. Being able to consistently make impressions on the first try saves time (less impression remakes, less time adjusting the final product) and money (using less impression material at lower prices). Not to mention it goes over better with patients when the impression is made and they can be up and on their way. The ability to minimize retaking impressions with these products is what stands out the most.

Q: What viscosity have you found to be most versatile?

A: The Correct Quick Bite Material is the most versatile of the Correct Plus products. It makes a perfect bite registration every time. The material is heavy enough not to slump during placement, and becomes firm upon setting. Not only does it produce an excellent bite registration, it can double as tray material when making impressions. The viscosity of the material aids in forcing the light-body material (Correct Plus Thick-n-Thin Light-Body) into close intimate contact with teeth and soft tissue.

Q: After so much hype around recent developments in digital impression devices, why is it important to you to have a traditional impression material you can rely on?

A: I have a digital impression system, and digital impressions are great. But, like most things in dentistry, it is difficult to find one solution that addresses every need. We treat such a variety of patients-young to old-that having one method of taking impressions is not wise at this point in time. As digital impressions improve, we may get to a time where they surpass the versatility of traditional impression materials, but we are not there yet. And that’s the thing-traditional impression materials give you options when the clinical situations are not ideal for digital impressions, and this happens. So, we must be prepared to deal with these situations by having options available.

Q: For long-time users of other impression materials, how would you persuade them to consider alternatives such as Pentron’s Correct Plus?

A: If you are not happy with your current impression materials and you find yourself having to remake impressions more than every once in a while, try the Pentron Correct Plus Impression Material. Saving time and money is big for me, and that’s what these products do.


Correct Plus Impression Material

Correct Plus Impression Material is an innovative vinyl polysiloxane impression material offered in a wide range of viscosities to accommodate any impression technique. There are two set times available: Correct Plus Impression Material is ideal for full arch impressions and Correct Plus Fast Set Impression material is ideal for 1-3 units.

Our Bite Registration Materials, both Correct Quick Bite Material and Correct Plus Bite Superfast have mousse like viscosity with a high end hardness/rigidity that facilitates trimming; Correct Quick Bite Material can also be used as a heavy body/tray material. The Correct Plus line of Impression Materials provides multiple packaging options to satisfy all of your impression needs.

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