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One dental assistant on why she loves the Isolite Systems Dental Isolation.

One dental assistant on why she loves the Isolite Systems Dental Isolation.

The days of using cotton roll isolation and mirror retraction to control saliva contamination during a procedure are over. In my practice, this cumbersome method has been replaced with what I see as an innovative game changer-Isolite Systems.

Why patients love it

During a procedure, Isolite Systems gives us complete quality control over the humidity and contamination in the oral environment, therefore increasing chairside efficiency for the patient and the dental team.

Recently, a patient came into our practice for a restorative implant crown. After we introduced her to the Isolite Systems isolation and placement, she expressed her gratitude for what she described as an easy and quick appointment.

These are her words: “I love that device. This was so much better than I thought it was going to be and to be able to just sit back and not have to concentrate on holding open was great.” Not only do we pride ourselves on quality care and efficiency at our practice, but also exceeding the patient’s expectations, which often happens when we use Isolite Systems.

Educating the patient

We now have Isolite Systems in each of our operatories, ready for use with all of our clinical and hygiene procedures. This system retracts and protects the cheek and tongue, providing an added measure of safety for our patients.

After carefully selecting the size of the patient’s opening from pedo, small, medium or large, we then introduce this tool to our patients as one of dentistry’s greatest inventions, allowing them to see and feel the mouthpiece.

We explain to our patients that this system is latex-free and is able to protect their cheek and tongue from any instruments, as well as provide illumination that enables us to see much more while we work. 

Isolite Systems also features a soft, comfortable biteblock that helps to gently hold the patient open, as well as dual suction on top and bottom to illuminate water pooling at the back of the throat. Talking to our patients about these features helps to reduce anxiety because they know what to do and what to expect while the clinician is working in the mouth.

Our patients enjoy hearing that Isolite Systems reduces their time in the chair because that means they can get in and out of their appointment and then go about their business for the day. 

A valuable tool

For the assistant or hygienist, this system is a valuable tool that acts as our third arm when there isn’t a teammate available to help retract and suction.

As a clinical assistant, there have been many times that I have been grateful for the illumination, suction and retraction this system provides while packing cord and controlling homostasis at the same time, while our hygienist is using the system for scaling and root planing in the operatory.

Kudos to Isolite Systems for helping dental teams to provide optimal care with flare!

Watch this video on the Isolite Dryfield Illuminator:


Isolite Systems Dental Isolation: Better isolation for better dentistry

One dental assistant on why she loves Isolite Systems Dental Isolation. Written by: Tina Calloway, CDA Isolite Systems Dental Isolation Date published: 07/26/2013 5 / 5 stars


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