Dental handpiece decisions are made easy with this program

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2013-07-01, Issue 7

Looking for an efficient way to incorporate new handpieces into your practice? Read how one doctor decided electric handpieces were right for his practice through the TryKaVo program.

Looking for an efficient way to incorporate new handpieces into your practice? Read how one doctor decided electric handpieces were right for his practice through the TryKaVo program.

Until a few months ago Dr. Rami Heidami wasn’t sure if electric handpieces were right for his practice.

Dr. Heidami owns a cosmetic practice in Panama City, Fla., that focuses on treating the whole patient with the most advanced technology possible. So when Dr. Heidami decided it was time to update his operatories with new chairs, it just made sense to take the opportunity to incorporate electric handpieces into the dental units.

But it had been years since Dr. Heidami had used an electric, and he knew they had changed quite a bit over the years. With some handpieces costing more than $1,500, he definitely wanted to try a handpiece out in his practice before making the investment.

How he tried KaVo

When Dr. Heidami’s rep told him about the Try KaVo program, he decided it offered the perfect opportunity to try an electric handpiece in his practice. All he had to do was go online and sign up for the program and he was able to try one of KaVo’s electric handpieces in his practice for five days.

“Even if you like it, you have to return it, and then if want one you can order it,” Dr. Heidami said. “I like that concept. Most companies bill you for it, and then send the product for you to try for 30 days. Then you can send it back, and you get money back if you don’t like it. This is a free trial for a week, then you send it back and if you like it you buy one. I thought that was  a step up.”

And KaVo makes the entire process simple, Dr. Heidami said. They sent a rep to his practice to install the handpiece and go over how to use it, and enclosed a return box with a shipping label with the handpiece.

It truly was a hassle-free, efficient way to try a new product in his practice. He even tried a few low-speeds and plans to make the switch to KaVo low-speeds.

“I have had low-speed motors I’ve used for years and they work great,” he said. “When I tried the KaVo low-speed I found it was very smooth. Having tried them, they pretty much won me as a customer to buy low-speeds from them.”

What he likes about electrics

Having the electric handpiece in his practice for a week really gave him a chance to get a feel for the product and if it was a good fit for his practice. He really liked working with the handpiece, he said, and loved the fiber optic light and the fact he could use it for endo procedures.

“I like the fact that you can go from highspeed to low-speed by pressing a button without having to change handpieces,” he said. “And you can control the speed of it even if you’re using it as a highspeed. You can get a lot less RPM.”

The decision

After having the opportunity to try an electric handpiece for a week, Dr. Heidami decided he would incorporate at least two into his practice-something he never would have done without trying them in his practice first.

The Try KaVo program gave him an easy, efficient way to make a product purchasing decision and he said he would recommend it to any other dentist who’s thinking about incorporating electric handpieces into his or her practice.

I was definitely not going to buy one without trying it,” he said. “I would have talked to different reps and figured out if I could borrow one for a day or two. I would have made an effort to try. The fact that KaVo made it available makes it more likely for me to go with a KaVo product, especially because I tried it and liked it.”

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