Dental Innovator: DENTCA's 3D CAD/CAM denture solution offers accuracy and quick delivery

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2013-07-01
Issue 7

"With DENTCA, patient satisfaction levels continued to exceed our expectations..."

"With DENTCA, patient satisfaction levels continued to exceed our expectations..."

Q: What initially sparked your interest in pursuing CAD/CAM dentures?

A: The need for reducing the time it takes with conventional prosthetics laboratories to complete a denture case is very important to our company and to our clients. Being able to complete a full denture case in two appointments greatly reduced the time for completion of a denture case.

I first heard about CAD/CAM denture technology at the FNDC Convention in 2012 when a colleague of mine showed me the DENTCA starter kit. Mid America Professional Group, PC is a company of dedicated professionals specializing in the business of dentistry, so it seemed to me that CAD/CAM digital denture production could be a significant time-saver for our network of doctors across the United States who frequently go out to Skilled Nursing Facilities to perform dental procedures. At first, it sounded too good to be true. So, of course, we had to test it.

Q: What about the DENTCA product and company inspired confidence to partner with them?

A: We started testing the DENTCA system with a series of common and complicated denture cases. After evaluating the product clinically, it became clear that DENTCA’s system would be ideal for rolling out to all Mid America Skilled Nursing Facilities because of its simplicity and accuracy, as well as immense time and cost-saving advantages.

During the evaluation, DENTCA worked tirelessly to accommodate our company’s needs and delivered all the final dentures with outstanding results. After reviewing the results, MAH determined that with DENTCA’s CAD/CAM system, we could reduce denture production time by half across the board and reduce the number of patient visits needed from the conventional five visits to two. For many of our doctors who travel offsite to treat patients, reducing the total number of visits needed was the greatest gift of all besides the accuracy and reliability of the system. With DENTCA’s CAD/CAM system, patient satisfaction levels continued to exceed our expectations with faster turnarounds and welcome results.

Having met with the DENTCA team from the beginning, our professional relationship involved a strong communication loop with their company. Mid America Professional Group recognized the need to partner with a company that is stable, committed to its customers, and visionary in the field. DENTCA has consistently proven their commitment through their dedication to customer service and research & development. DENTCA’s efforts coupled with their ability and desire to comprehend our needs, has developed in a stronger partnership over time.

Q: With any major technology purchase, ROI is always a consideration. Do you feel you’ve earned a return with DENTCA?

A: There was minimal investment to begin using their system and our return has been great. DENTCA requires no additional hardware or software to use the system beyond the DENTCA impression tray. We have been able to reduce our cost for completing denture cases and still provide a quality product that is esthetically pleasing and functionally stable. We have completed hundreds of denture cases with DENTCA, with our network of doctors across the United States, and the ROI continues to increase with their continuous system and process improvements.

Q: When speaking with colleagues, how would you tell them to evaluate their readiness for embracing DENTCA?

A: We must embrace new technology particularly when it comes to removable prosthetics. There really have not been major changes in the way we fabricated dentures until this technology surfaced. I believe it has revolutionized the way we as general practitioners can treat an edentulous patient. The ability to accurately record a functional occlusion and deliver a full set of dentures in two appointments has made denture cases a viable option for dentists who normally don’t embrace removable prosthetics. The DENTCA system provides huge time and cost benefits for networks of doctors like Mid America, and considerable ease of use for general practitioners who want to deliver high quality, comfortable and esthetic dentures in the shortest time. For those of us who continue to treat edentulism, there is no better alternative than DENTCA’s 3D CAD/CAM system.


About the DENTCA System

DENTCA can fabricate try-ins (prototypes) in 3 days and final dentures in 5 days upon receiving the impression. DENTCA’s 3D software automatically calculates: Teeth Selection, Midline, Occlusal Plane, Lip Support, Curve of Spee, Curve of Wilson, Articulation, Posterior Dam, and more - all from the single impression. With the software system calculating these measurements and mapping out the perfect anatomical setup for each patient, only one patient visit is needed before try-in or final delivery.

DENTCA's 3D CAD/CAM Denture Solution Advantages

• 3D CAD/CAM Precision = 100% Accuracy

• Only 1 patient visit needed before final denture delivery

• Chairtime = 55 Minutes vs. 5+ hours conventionally

• Processing Time = 3-5 Days vs. 30+ days to fabricate conventionally

 Mid America Professional Group, PC, and Mid America Health (MAH) is a company of dedicated professionals specializing in the business of dentistry. MAH is dedicated to serving the needs of America’s elderly population by providing portable dental care to long-term care facilities. We understand the dental needs of this underserved population and strive to improve each resident’s quality of life one smile at a time. (

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