5Ws* SMARTbase from Implant Direct

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products June 2021, Volume 43, Issue 3

With its angulated screw access channel, this implant abutment system from Implant Direct aims to make implant cases simpler and more esthetic.

What: SMARTbase™ Abutments

Who: Implant Direct

888-649-6425 | implantdirect.com

Where: Implant cases with screw retained restorations where either or both esthetics and access are priorities.

When: During case design and at delivery of the case so the implant screw channel can be hidden or positioned for easier access during placement of the abutment and final restoration.

Why: The SMARTbase abutments are designed to improve both esthetics and accessibility with a screw access channel that can be redirected from 0º to 25º, allowing for easier hiding of the screw channel in anterior restorations and easier access to the screw channel in posterior restorations. The abutments are designed with dual hue anodization to seamlessly blend with surrounding dentition to provide a natural look. The versatile abutment solution is compatible with both screw-retained and cement restorations. With a variety of cuff heights and widths available, the abutments can be used with a range of situations.

The How: The off-axis screw channel allows cases to be designed with lingual screw access as well as other configurations for enhanced access. Specialized off-axis implant drivers are used to attach the screw, and the abutments are designed with grooves that are said to enhance cement retention when the abutments are used with cement-retained restorations. The dual-hued abutments feature gold color at the top to naturally blend with the restoration, and a pink hue in the lower section to better match the gingival tissue. Additionally, the abutments are designed with a concave profile that is said to enable subcrestal placement without the need for major tissue manipulation.