The 2023 AAID Annual Conference - Interview with Allie Hogan of the Atlantic Implant Institute


At the 2023 AAID Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dental Products Report sat down with Allie Hogan of the Atlantic Implant Institute to discuss what's happening in the world of implant dentistry. [1 minute]

Video Transcription:

Allie Hogan: My name is Allie Hogan. I'm with The Atlantic implant Institute in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We're here at AAID in Las Vegas. So far the show has been great.

Yesterday Dr Hogan did hands-on for a full digital workflow, went through everything photogrammetry facial scanning.

A lot of the questions that we get about doing full arch full digital workflow is where to start. Maybe they have one piece of equipment and they want to get into going from analog to fully digital and they just don't know where to begin. So we answer those questions for them. We offer them to come to our classes at the Atlantic Implant Institute where we can teach them everything they need to bring back home to the office on Monday and hopefully go fully digital. At the Institute, we have courses that cater to all doctors, whether you're just starting you've done singles, you're just getting into the full arch game or if you're a veteran, maybe you need some new tips and tricks to bring back to your office.

So we go through everything there we also have courses about business so if you know the full digital workflow, you know the implant placement, you know the restoration, but maybe you need some help on getting cases in the door or selling them. We're there to help you out.

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