5Ws* Stratasys J5 DentaJet

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products June 2021, Volume 43, Issue 3

This new system scales 3D model printing efficiency for dental labs.

compiled by Kellie Nock | information provided Stratasys.


Stratasys J5 DentaJet™ , the only multimaterial 3D dental printer


Stratasys Ltd

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Suitable for any dental lab that wants to reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and create more dental parts with less handling.


The J5 DentaJet enables technicians to load mixed trays of dental parts and can produce at least 5 times more dental parts on a single mixed tray than competitive 3D printers, giving dental labs 3D printing efficiency paired with realism and precision.

The How*:

Typically when dental implant cases require multiple materials, separate 3D printers are needed for each individual material. The J5 DentaJet can handle up to 5 different materials, including support materials, by utilizing mixed trays of dental parts. The single mixed tray can hold a full array of opaque, clear, flexible, and color resins, creating dental implant cases and denture applications faster and more accurately.