The 2023 AAID Annual Conference - Interview with Edward Kusek, DDS


At the 2023 AAID Annual Conference, Dental Products Report sat down with AAID President Edward Kusek, DDS, FAAID, DABOI/ID, to discuss the event and what's on the horizon for implant dentistry. [6 minutes]

Video Transcription:

Dr Kusek: Hi, I'm Dr Eddie Kusek, president of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. I'm here at our annual meeting for 2023. And I'm just here to talk about the different areas that we could offer for education. We have a tier system of education, we have the Associate Fellow, which has a requirement of 300 hours of education, you have to pass a written test, and then there's an oral examination, then it expands to the Fellowship, which requires more [continuing education] CE for that, and then also another area of oral testing. And then the final one from the diplomate of oral implant technology. And the final stage is the diplomate of American Board of Oral Implantology. That requires more testing, oral testing presenting cases, in the all these tiers steps is to test the credentials of you to see the quality of your education, and to see if you really understand how implant dentistry affects both the surgical phase, the prosthetic phase, the restorative element.

So that as far as the education, what we test for is to see if you're trained correctly, for your implant knowledge, know how periodontally This affects the patient, the prosthetics affect the patient, maintenance, how to to maintain implant cases, for long term, all these things come to fruition to be a good Implant Dentist. So the meeting here for the 2023 meeting in Las Vegas, it is very upbeat, it's nice to see everybody here at the meeting in person is the only way to actually learn. You know, you can hear all the speakers and you can listen to them virtually. But then to be able to interact with your colleagues and ask questions about what are you doing on this and then they tell you something about that. And then you probably get into another area of implant dentistry or another part of dentistry and continuously goes on and on and on. So I see people here that I've been friends with for 20, over 20 years. And you know, we're always communicating with each other and it's like being back home. That's what makes it so much different from other organizations that I am a part of and have seen there, those organizations the camaraderie is second to none. Here at our annual meeting.

What has the world got me excited about implant dentistry? Well, you know, like dentistry is totally changing what I learned when I graduated from school, it was totally changed. And God, you need to keep up on everything. Technology, it just keeps expanding people finding new ways to do things to make it simpler for the clinician, and better for the patient to get things more accelerated, because patients don't want to go through months, years times, to be able to get their prosthetics finished. And everything is on an accelerated pace. So you need to keep up with technology and what's going on it is just expanding. So so much. So you know, me as a clinician, you may think I'm in my golden years of being ready to retire, but I am still learning and I am motivated by the younger people that are showing all these things. And it's like, I've got to do this for my patients. And I'm mentoring some of the younger people too. And when I'm going out and doing surgeries and helping them with surgeries, we're doing this at the high tech level.

So what is AAID doing in the future? Well, you know, what we experienced during COVID. And now we have the implant Institute, which we will have a number of courses online that you could watch anytime, any part of the day evening, and being able to get CPE credits for that and we have a number of clinicians that are in the top level of implant dentistry. So yes, this is going to be something very exciting. And also if you're an AIA member, you could go back pull off the information. And if your state is requiring to CE you could pull that off, print it out and then Senator your state so this is going to be extremely easy for all of our members in yeah if you want to join aitd you know, we are in the cutting edge of all this technology for you So what can coalition's look for in the upcoming year and 2024? Well, we have a number of regional meetings, we call it district meetings. There's no western district, we have a meeting, northeast and southern have a joint meeting together. And this is a smaller version of our larger meeting, where you may see 200. So clinicians there. Otherwise, there's a lot of young people speaking at these meetings, a lot of energy going on in these meetings. So a lot of cutting edge stuff that's going to be presented at that. So the annual meeting, our crown jewel meeting is November 13, through the 16th. So this is going to be one of the best meetings that we've ever produced.

For AAID, we're getting all kinds of different speakers from around the US and around the world. And then also invite your auxilary is because we're going to have them come and we're going to have a lot of different courses for them to take to bring back to your office and it's going to be an A very exciting event. Dr. Bernie Dunson is by program chair and Bernie is always top notch and we are really looking forward to seeing everybody in Atlanta, Georgia, so hopefully you can make it there.

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