The 2023 AAID Annual Conference - Interview with Aman Bhullar, DMD


Dental Products Report took to Las Vegas to cover the 2023 AAID Annual Conference, where attendees and clinicians like Aman Bhullar, DMD, got a first look at all things new and innovative in implant dentistry. [4 minutes]

Dental Products Report took to Las Vegas to cover the 2023 AAID Annual Conference, where attendees and clinicians like Aman Bhullar, DMD, got a first look at all things new and innovative in implant dentistry. [4 minutes]

Video Transcription:

Dr Bhullar: Hi, my name is Dr Aman Bhullar and I am a diplomat of the American Board of Oral Implantology and a fellow with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. My practice is in San Jose, California, this meeting here in Las Vegas is great.

We've got over 1400 participants. We've got the top vendors and the top exhibitors across the country, speakers and lecturers from across the world that are presenting the latest in implant dentistry. It's really important for doctors that are focused in implant dentistry and improving their skills, trying to attend a meeting like this because you've got the greatest the newest ideas and the newest innovations, and, and colleagues that are sharing their successes, their challenges or complications. So we can provide a better service to our public and our customers out there. It's incredibly exciting time to be an implant dentist. At this time, the digital evolution of dentistry and the and the impact that technology is having for us to provide predictable protocols for our patients. And outcomes are very, very exciting.

Doctors that have been maybe shying away from doing some complex and integrated procedures. Now there's methods and options for these doctors to implement these procedures in their practice with predictability. And with confidence. Definitely, it's really important that as as health care providers and dentists and oral surgeons and prosthodontists, periodontists, that we keep updating our education and adding more skills into our practice. The AAID has options with their Maxi course programs across the world that allow a standard of education to be presented to doctors. The days of going to 1-weekend course and thinking you learn a lot and learn everything you need to learn about the complex field implants are no longer valid.

There are great options with Max, of course, education and a continuum of education that's available in various cities across the world. We're launching a new program in Dallas. Real good options for doctors to stay current with what the latest and up to date procedures and protocols are in implant dentistry. I've been I was an early adopter in the photogrammetry field had been using photogrammetry since 2019 or so. Or we were using another competitor option for photogrammetry options in our practice. It's an essential tool in our practice on a daily basis for us to get predictable results for our patients. The technology and the accuracy ICam offers for our full arch processes in implant dentistry is is amazing, up to five microns of accuracy for our cases, gives me the confidence to have patients and restorations long term that are going to fit function and stand up to the day to day requirements for the patient long term. I mean for ICam it's we run an education institute 3d implant Institute, we have been able to partner up with a horse and ICam to be bringing these services to underserved communities in various parts of the world. And it really gives us the confidence so that after we leave and do our education programs with these hands on programs, doctors that they can, the practices there can continue to provide a solution to the patient. With an easy print within about 15 to 20 minutes, they can print and provide an economical solution to these people that may not be able to move into their Konya product or more expensive processes.

The ICam technology and the digital workflows that we implement with printers and syringe re allow us to provide these solutions to patients that normally wouldn't be accessible for them. So we're very thankful for that partnership with 3D implant Institute for us with ICam SprintRay. It really allows the solutions to be available to people that would be otherwise not available to have these types of services. So makes a huge impact in people's lives.

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