The 2023 AAID Annual Conference - Interview with Erin Elliot, DDS


Dental Products Report took to Las Vegas to cover the 2023 AAID Annual Conference, where attendees and clinicians like Erin Elliot got a first look at all things new and innovative in implant dentistry. [3 minutes]

In this video, Dental Products Report provides coverage of the 2023 AAID Annual Conference in Las Vegas. The conference offers attendees and clinicians, such as Erin Elliot, an exclusive opportunity to explore the latest innovations and developments in the field of implant dentistry. This event serves as a platform for professionals to get a firsthand look at new and groundbreaking dental products and technologies.

Video Transcription:

Dr Elliot: Hey everybody, I'm Dr Erin Elliot, a general dentist that does implants up in Post Falls, Idaho, and I am here at AAID so that I can present on sleep apnea. So that we can help you screen and diagnose and treat your patients. You know, interestingly enough, when you look at the numbers, the amount of patients that have full arch prostheses have a high percentage of sleep apnea.

In addition, when you look at the studies that show the prosthesis complications, most of them 13 out of 16, in one study had obstructive sleep apnea. So we need to be looking for the root cause, in addition to help protect all that investment that the patient just made, and the way to do so is to treat that main disease of obstructive sleep apnea. Dentists are the exact people that should come alongside sleep physicians in order to help identify these patients. We're in the trenches with them each and every day, we're looking at our ways, patients see us more often than their regular primary care physicians. We are the best positioned with our cone beam, just our communication skills, and the ability to even help treat them once they are discovered and diagnosed. I have to admit, this was my first AI D meeting. And I was pleasantly surprised to see just how many people are here that care about dentistry, that are pushing the envelope in our digital workflows and our workflows in general to help our patients which is really the whole reason we're here have better outcomes and better results.

The thing that has me the most excited about dentistry is not just all the fancy toys and the cool technology that we get to work with. But the fact that it truly impacts our patients to make a better procedure. They don't seem as scared about dentistry anymore. And our patients are seeing their mouth, their health as more of an investment which we've I've never seen before in my patient population. I just want to thank AAID and its board and leadership in basically pushing dentistry forward so that we can help our patients that are in our chair each and every day, and we can help solve their problems.

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