5Ws* DentalCAD 3.0 Galway

Dental Lab Products, Dental Lab Products June 2021, Volume 43, Issue 3

With more than 90 new features and an updated user interface, this impressive CAD application is even more powerful than previous generations of exocad’s flagship software.

What: DentalCAD 3.0 Galway

Who: exocad

855-396-4223 | exocad.com

Where: Any dental lab with a 3D scanner or the ability to accept digital impression scans from practices.

When: Whenever a case comes into the lab, because DentalCAD 3.0 Galway features powerful tools for designing fixed and removable restorations.

Why: This single software platform is designed to make restoration design simple and features enhancements, including instant anatomic morphing where proposed tooth anatomy automatically adjusts when the crown proposal is moved on screen. A new interface makes the software easier to use and more intuitive and tool updates make it easier to plan restoration insertion angles and bridge connectors. Updates to the implant module allow easier implant connection switches as well as easier implant positioning adjustments.

The How: Automation allowing this software platform to accomplish more in less time is a focus of the enhancements in this latest version of DentalCAD. Beyond the automated anatomical morphing, the latest update also adds artificial intelligence–driven smile design that can aid in both treatment planning and patient communication. The model creator module is designed for efficiency and can be used with any 3D printer. For removables, the software includes preset tooth setups and the ability to save custom setups from completed cases.