Solve My Problem: One-step cementation that adheres to virtually every material

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report January 2020, Volume 54, Issue 1

The Problem

Finding a single cement that can be used in almost any restorative solution has been difficult in the past

Other challenges with some adhesives include delivering a quick cure and a durable seal, along with the need for additional silane or primer.

The Solution

PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal

  • Incorporating a unique silane coupling agent-LCSi monomer-this cement delivers strong, durable chemical bonds to glass-based ceramics (Lithium Disilicate, Porcelains, and Hybrid Ceramics)

  • High concentrations of the original MDP monomer allow for unique, durable chemical bonds to zirconia, dentin, enamel, and metals

  • Recommended for the cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, restorations on implant abutments, Maryland Bridges, and amalgam bonding

  • New Dual-Monomer Technology simplifies cementation procedures with its universal adhesion to metals, ceramics, and tooth structure

  • Available in both automix and handmix options, PANAVIA SA Cement Universal is easily applied without the need for a dispenser

  • Its unique catalyst chemistry provides strong, self-cure bond strengths that are as strong as its light-cure bonds and   allows for easy clean-up of excess cement.

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