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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report January 2020
Volume 54
Issue 1

When Dr. Kayvon Javid first invested in the Waterlase Express hard and soft tissue laser from BIOLASE two years ago, he planned to use the technology to perform minimally invasive gum surgeries. He wanted to keep more periodontal services in-house and to expand that portion of his general practice. 

“I had several perio patients I would refer out of the practice,” Dr. Javid says. “I started thinking, there’s a source of income we’re not capitalizing on.” 

Incorporating the Waterlase Express into his California-based practices has changed that, but it’s also brought many other benefits. He’s able to use the laser for a variety of restorative procedures as well, giving him the ability to offer patients a much more comfortable experience during their visit. 

“I have three offices and have a Waterlase in every one,” he says. “We use it throughout the day for many procedures, whether it’s a small cavity or gum surgery. If I don’t have it for a day, I feel handicapped. It’s an integral part of my practice.”  

The benefits for the practice 

Not only can Dr. Javid use the laser for a variety of procedures, such as crown lengthening and frenectomies, but it’s also portable, making it easy for him to move it between operatories and even from office to office. The high-quality hard and soft tissue laser is also one of the most affordable options on the market, so it was the no-brainer choice when he was looking to add a laser to his practice. 

Waterlase Express is also a great marketing tool, Dr. Javid says. He can perform procedures he wasn’t able to before with minimal bleeding and minimal discomfort for his patients, which is a huge selling point for the practice. 

“People like to see technology,” he says. “We can do fillings without numbing the patient. We can do small treatments like frenectomies without numbing the patient. It’s great to be able to tell our patients we have the latest technology and we don’t have to use any anesthetic for most procedures.” 

The benefits for his patients

With the Waterless Express, Dr. Javid can now perform procedures that were once very painful for patients in a more minimally invasive way. For example, there’s no longer a need to use a blade to remove excess tissue and then place sutures during gum surgery. 

“Patients can’t eat or function for a week or two after traditional gum surgery,” Dr. Javid says. “With lasers, you can tell patients they can go back to normal immediately. There is no major discomfort or pain. They can go about brushing and flossing their teeth immediately after treatment.”

The fact he can complete fillings without a handpiece is also a huge benefit, he says. A lot of patients don’t like the noise that comes from a handpiece, and some patients even fear it. While lasers make some noise, they are much quieter and more calming for nervous patients. 

Overall, Dr. Javid’s patients love the technology and the fact he can perform more procedures in-house. Using the laser cuts the healing time in half for most procedures, and only causes patients minimal discomfort. 

“People are amazed I’m cutting into their mouths and there’s no blood,” he says. 

Expanding your list of services

Dr. Javid can now offer services he wasn’t able to offer before, which has helped him grow his practices. Not only is he able to give his patients more treatment options, but he’s also able to provide them in the most conservative way possible. 

“My patients come to me because they trust me, and I want to give them the best treatment possible,” Dr. Javid says. “And the best treatment is not always how it’s been done traditionally. If there’s a new technology that I have to invest in to give my patients the best outcome and the best experience, it’s not only the right thing to do, it’s a way of promoting my practice. Patients will walk out of my office and tell their friends and family about the experience they had, that they had a filling done and the dentist didn’t use a drill or any anesthetic.”


Waterlase Express

Waterlase Express has the smallest footprint ever for an all-tissue laser, and it works well as a countertop unit. Moving the laser from operatory to operatory or even office to office can become a reality with optional carts and travel accessories. Waterlase Express is described as the only laser to feature in-depth, step-by-step, 4K HD animations for every clinical procedure on board. The Waterlase Express animation library is an informative training resource that will serve as a great foundation for you.


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