A seat at the center of everything – A roundup of dental patient chairs

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report January 2020
Volume 54
Issue 1

Comfort plays a major role in the success of any dental appointment and this is as true for clinicians as it is for patients. While many important pieces of dental equipment help make things more comfortable for patients, and others make things more comfortable for clinicians, it is the patient chair that is (often literally) at the center of the operatory, and it is these chairs that can provide that critical comfort to both clinicians and patients.

Specialized chairs for dental treatment date back as far as the late 1700s. Features such as integrated instrument trays, and head and foot rests for patients were common on chairs dentists used, and designs allowed chairs to tip backwards to provide easier oral access. Still, the modern dental chair that is so well-known today is actually a 20th century development, as the first chair with a split in the seat and a full recline was invented by Dr. John Naughton in 1958.

Today dental chairs offer a range of functions and features, as well as an endless selection of upholstery materials and finishes to match any operatory décor or clinician’s sense of style. Today’s dental chairs are designed to provide both patient comfort and ergonomic clinician positioning and access.

Features can include automated movements and pre-set positions, massage and heat functions for patients, and even integrated delivery systems with connections to clinical software and other systems.

Numerous chair options are available, but here is a roundup of some of the current models ready to help enhance patient and clinicians comfort.

A6 Radius Package 

  • An affordable ambidextrous Left/Right Swing Mount package that can be converted easily in the operatory without the use of any tools

  • A Hybrid Chair, it features a hydraulic lift for the base movement and electromechanical movement for the backrest

  • Designed for versatility and comfort, it features a smooth and ergonomic memory foam upholstery cushion

  • The thin backrest and seat are designed for both patient and clinician comfort

Flight Dental Systems

866-799-0517  |  flightdentalsystems.com

6700M Marathon Chair 

  • The first U.S. dental chair with built-in Wi-Fi, USB access, and cloud based remote diagnostics

  • The chair was designed to provide durability, efficiency, and modern technology at an affordable price

  • Features include a thin backrest, simple controls, and time saving features such as four programmable positions, last position, and auto exit functions

  • The Marathon chair is available with traditional post mounted or swing operatory packages

Summit Dental Systems

800-275-3368  |  www.summitdental.com

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Supreme Hydraulic Base 

  • A portable dental chair with a foot-activated hydraulic base which provides many of the functions of a fixed chair

  • It can be adjusted up and down, as well as swiveling 360 degrees

  • Supportive side bolsters and arm slings provide patient comfort and the double articulating headrest allows for optimal patient positioning

  • The backrest folds onto the seat and the chair separates into two parts for easier transportation 


800-847-0694  |  DNTLworks.com

A-dec 500 Dental Chair  

  • Positionable deluxe plus touchpad dynamically displays only the function being used, for uncomplicated ease of use

  • Ambidextrous delivery with the center located handle and screen reachable and visible from either side

  • Signature ultra-thin back allows clinicians to work with legs under the patient, elbows at their sides

  • Perfect position headrest adjusts with the press of a lever for an optimal view of the oral cavity


800-547-1883  |  a-dec.com/500experience

Planmeca Chair™

  • Well-suited for orthodontic and surgical treatments, the Planmeca Chair™ is designed with ergonomic features to provide patients with optimal comfort

  • Equipped with a 180-degree swivel function, it can be swiveled 90 degrees to the left and right, ideal for use while capturing X-rays or in small operatories

  • Available in two different upholstery options-the Ultra Relax™ with memory foam that adapts to the patient’s body shape or the Comfy™ with thin shape and seamless design that is easy to clean


630-529-2300  |  planmeca.com/na

Traverse Chair 

  • Engineered to fit into small spaces, the Traverse Chair is designed to accommodate a rear delivery style with 10 inches of extra space behind the patient

  • Designed for ergonomics and comfort, even during long procedures, the chair is fully programmable

  • Advanced hydraulic controls provide smooth movements for optimal patient comfort

  • The chair is manufactured, assembled, and serviced in the United States and is backed by a 5-year warranty 


800-547-1906  |  engledental.com

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Elevance Dental Chair 

  • Designed to provide a spa-like experience with plush Ultraleather® upholstery and optional SerenEscape® heat and massage system

  • Comes with programmable chair controls and a hydraulic drive system for smooth, quiet operation

  • While requiring minimal floor space, the chair offers clinicians an optimal range of motion whether working seated or standing

  • Ergonomic features such as the electronic chair lock which prevents the need to repeatedly bend over to lock and unlock the chair are designed to make it as comfortable for clinicians as it is for patients 


844-856-1235  |  midmark.com

Epic Operatory Chair 

  • Heavy-duty cast-iron construction and electromechanical operation provide up to 600 pounds of lifting capacity

  • Features a thin back with lumbar support, a double articulating headrest and swing down armrests for patient comfort

  • The armrest mounted touch pad to control four manual chair movements, three programmable positions, and the home position

  • The synchronized back and seat recline provide enhanced comfort and smooth motion, and the chair also provides 30 degrees of rotation to the left and right


800-237-2303  |  beaverstatedental.com

CORE Chair 

  • Features a strong baseplate and stable footprint, the CORE Chair situates patients in an ideal position

  • The durable hydraulic lift cylinder provides smooth and quiet, yet powerful, operation

  • The heavy-duty cast-iron chair frame is combined with aluminum casting chair back, base, armrests, and headrest

  • The double articulating headrest adjusts easily to fit the patient and flip down armrests allow easy access

  • An optional touch pad control provides four programmable pre-set positions, and an optional foot control is also available


866-383-4636  |  dentalez.com

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Quolis® Q5000 

  • Designed to bring sophistication to the operatory with its sleek and fluid appearance

  • The intuitive seat-positioning system gently glides patients into treatment position

  • The thin and narrow backrest design allows doctors and assistants to work comfortably and efficiently

  • Integrated armrest touchpads enable easy access to patient seat positioning adjustments 

  • The armrests swing outward 130 degrees to create a wider entry and exit area for patient convenience


800-223-1192  |  Dental.takarabelmont.com

Spirit 3300

  • Designed to provide enhanced clinician access, patient comfort, and esthetics

  • The narrow backrest allows ergonomic access to the patient

  • The chair’s lower minimum height makes it comfortable for clinicians of any stature

  • The solid aluminum base facilitates patient entry and exit while making it easier for clinician stools to maneuver nearby

  • Dual touchpads with one-touch programming simplify chair operation and reduce clinician movements

Pelton & Crane

800-659-6560  |  peltonandcrane.com

Alliant 2260

  • A high quality chair designed to provide luxury features at an affordable price

  • The ergonomic design features a contoured backrest with built-in arm support

  • Royal’s magnetic headrest is designed to articulate the oral cavity while maintaining proper posture

  • The minimum seat height of 13.5 inches above the floor makes it possible to treat patients who cannot be fully reclined

  • Dual integrated touchpad controls provide access to four programmable positions and the chair offers last position memory and automatic return

Royal Dental Group

425-743-0988  |  royaldentalgroup.com


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