Solve My Problem: SciCan's STATCLAVE G4 – A sterilizer with speed, capacity, and connectivity

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report January 2020, Volume 54, Issue 1

The STATCLAVE G4 from SciCan aims to provide the room to sterilize the instruments of a busy practice, the efficiency to process them quickly, and the connectivity to provide practices with peace of mind. 

The Problem

Sterilization takes too long and doesn’t completely dry instruments  

Dental sterilizers can operate with long process cycles and even longer drying cycles that can keep instruments out of service when they are needed.

The Solution

STATCLAVE G4 Chamber Autoclave

  • A Class B vacuum sterilizer, it features pre-sterilization vacuum for enhanced steam penetration and post-sterilization vacuum for enhanced drying Designed for fast processing, the STATCLAVE G4 can sterilize and dry wrapped instruments in as little as 38 minutes

  • Closed-door drying and vacuum technology work to ensure every load is dried completely

  • The unit can sterilize up to four full-size cassettes, four exam cassettes or up to 20 pouches in its 11-inch chamber

  • A part of SciCan’s G4 line, the sterilizer can connect to the internet and send cycle data and notifications to smart devices

  • The system is designed to use fresh water every cycle to reduce oil and debris buildup

  • The unit is designed to be versatile to fit into any practice’s stericenter with a variety of filling and draining set up options


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