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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report January 2020
Volume 54
Issue 1

[On the Cover Products]


Featuring the world’s first-ever bioactive universal and self-etch adhesives, RE-GEN is a suite of bioactive materials comprised of a flowable composite, bulk fill and resin cement, and pit & fissure sealant. By employing Bioglass as an active ingredient, this is said to resolve all the uncertainty surrounding previous generations of bioactive materials. Bioglass is backed by 50+ years of medical use and is supported by scientific research, along with countless clinical studies, according to the manufacturer. Bioglass has been proven to form a hydroxyapatite-like surface layer after being in contact with tooth and biological fluids, thus promoting a regenerative process and a stable, long-term restoration. The unique blend of ingredients in the RE-GEN family of products provides a restoration that is osteogenic, antimicrobial, biocompatible, and BPA Free.

Why this suite of materials stands out:

The cornerstones of the RE-GEN suite are the bioactive adhesives. Current bioactive materials are limited in their ability to provide the functional ions to the compromised tooth because the tooth has been sealed with an adhesive.

Apex Dental Materials

Form 3B

Described as incredibly accurate, the Form 3B 3D printer consistently produces crisp and precise parts from more than 10 materials. The new printer is designed to work with the next generation of dental materials and is backed by a dental-dedicated service team, and powerful software to help streamline workflows. Resins can be swapped with a simple cartridge system, and the 3B printer can be used to produce crown and bridge models, clear aligner models, diagnostic models, surgical guides, occlusal splints, wax patterns for casting and pressing, and digital dentures with a selection of 4 base shades and 6 tooth shades. Additional materials from 3rd parties are available for the printer through the Formlabs Materials Partner Platform that ensures proper printing with these materials on the new 3B printer.

Why this 3D printer is different:

Along with launching its latest printer, Formlabs also launched a dedicated dental division with a team of specialists in dental 3D printing. The printer is backed by a new Dental Service Plan that puts the expertise of the company’s dedicated dental team to work for dental practices and laboratories using its printers.


Epic Hygiene

Epic Hygiene is the latest innovation in BIOLASE’s proven Epic laser technology, designed by dental hygienists for dental hygienists. This system gives dental professionals a total solution to effectively manage non-surgical periodontitis and increase clinical production. It includes proven step-by-step clinical protocols, including pocket therapy and perio debridement, for easy implementation. The company announced the launch of the new laser- which has officially been granted Food and Drug Administration clearance-at the Greater New York Dental Meeting. Epic Hygiene now gives dental hygienists the ability to offer dental laser technology to their patients, including minimally invasive and virtually pain-free treatments that allow for quicker procedures and faster recovery times. Each system includes hygiene-specific training, turnkey practice guidebooks with step-by-step practice integration tips, and access to exclusive on-call Epic Expert support, with leading clinicians to provide peer to peer support.

Why this dental laser is unique:

With more and more states in the U.S. allowing hygienists to treat patients with lasers, this new laser is designed specifically for the hygiene department and is portable and affordable to make it easier to utilize the technology.



[Scan Software]

Scan Clarity Score

Dental laboratories can often feel frustrated due to the lack of quality scans sent to them for restoration fabrication. Pearl’s Scan Clarity Score allows dental labs to score and bucket each patient scan based on margin clarity. If the scan is of high quality, the margin is automatically marked and sent on for crown design. If the margin clarity score is low, it’s flagged for human intervention and/or for a call to be placed by the dentist. By systemically processing the quality of margins, dental labs, dentists, and most importantly, patients benefit from higher quality dental restorations.


323-438-8330  |  hellopearl.com




Designed to help clinicians provide lifelike esthetics for cases in the anterior or with thin tissue biotypes, the two-piece ceramic ZERAMEX XT Implant from Glidewell Dental is 100 percent metal-free and highly biocompatible. It’s said to offer a high degree of restorative flexibility compared to single-piece ceramic implants. These implants are valuable for esthetics and are also very hygienic-with a low affinity for plaque adhesion. The ZERAMEX XT features a beveled platform designed to ease the placement of prosthetic components. The implant is available in 4.2 mm and 5.5 mm diameters and the system includes an array of components to support a full range of temporary and permanent restorative protocols.

Glidewell Dental
888-303-3975  |  glidewelldirect.com

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The Endo-CSV is described as an affordable, lightweight endodontic handpiece that is easily programmable and completely portable. The heavy-duty high torque motor has five torque settings and nine rotation speeds. The Endo-CSV Cordless features built-in LED Illumination and automatic forward and reverse functions. It can be used with your current latch-type endodontic instrument. This handpiece can switch from rotary to reciprocating with the press of a button. The Endo-CSV is available for retail on its own or as part of a discounted package with the SafeSiders HF Intro Kit.

Essential Dental Systems
201-487-9090  |  edsdental.com


[Resin Cement]

ROCK Resin

Cosmedent’s ROCK Resin Cement is a dual-cured, self-adhesive resin cement used for the permanent cementation of ceramics, zirconia, lithium disilicate and metal-based restorations. With its proprietary setting technology, ROCK resin is said to set faster and more completely than other self-adhesive cements. Its thin film thickness is designed to make it easier to seat restorations without the hassle of occlusal adjustments related to cement layer that’s too thick. It is said to be easy to use with fast clean up, superior marginal adhesion, virtually no post-op sensitivity, and can increase time for dentists and patients alike.

Cosmedent, Inc.
800-621-6729  |  cosmedent.com

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[Composite Resin]

Predictive Bioactive Bulk

Predicta Bioactive Bulk is a dual-core, bulk-fill resin composite that releases fluoride, calcium, and phosphate ions to stimulate mineral apatite formation and remineralization at the material-tooth interface. The material is designed to recharge fluoride ions, providing a unique combination of physical and chemical properties. Predicta Bioactive Bulk is said to be dimensionally stable, with optimal strength, time-efficient handling, and optical characteristics close to those of natural teeth.
800-243-7446  |  parkell.com


[Restorative Template]

Uveneer Extra Template System

The Uveneer Extra Template System from Ultradent offers more natural restorations with four new upper anterior designs-Extra Large, Large, Medium, and Square templates complementing the original Uveneer system. These templates work with any preferred composite to create reproducible composite veneers with predictable shape and symmetry. The templates prevent the oxygen inhibition layer from forming during the curing process, resulting in hard, glossy surfaces-while also allowing light to pass through to the composite for effective curing. The templates themselves are designed to be autoclavable.

800-552-5512  |  ultradent.com

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[Payment Software]


Sikka’s new Payments platform is designed to equip patients with a pay-anywhere capability and automate the payment and reconciliation process for providers. Sikka Payments is said to harness increased capabilities, enhance security, and reduce the costs associated with processing electronic payments. With this payment solution in place, practices are said to be able to accept patient payments from a variety of channels, eliminating the need for manual reconciliation. These features are designed to make it easier for providers to collect payments earlier, provide a better patient payment experience, and maximize cash flow in the practice. Sikka Payments is built on the HIPAA and HITECH compliant Sikka Cloud Platform.

Sikka Software
800-94-SIKKA  |  sikkasoft.com


[Appliance Accessory]

Retainer Buddy

Lullubee’s Retainer Buddy is a fun, convenient, and sturdy holder for retainers and orthodontic aligners. It keeps retainers and aligners safe and off household surfaces during eating and tooth brushing. Designed to work for all shapes and sizes, including nightguards and Invisalign, Retainer Buddy is described as an affordable and amusing addition for any child, or even the young at heart. A variety of designs are currently available, including unicorn, gnome, football player, and soccer player, with more characters in the works.

917-387-4664  |  lullubee.com

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[Saliva Analysis]


The SillHa Oral Wellness System is a salivary screening system for oral care and overall wellness. A small, touchscreen analyzer with software uses a saliva sample yielding results in five minutes for a patient-friendly, multi-point analysis. The system is designed to measure seven biomarkers in one screening and generates a patient education report to support care plans and hygiene products. The SillHa System analyzes tooth health, including carcinogenic bacteria, acidity, and buffer capacity; gum health including the presence of blood, leukocytes, and protein; and oral cleanliness via amonia measurement. The dentist can reference results when proposing treatments to improve oral wellness with results to support case acceptance.

Arkray USA, Inc.
844-559-0842  |  arkrayusa.com



GINGICaine Oral Anesthetic Gel

GINGICaine Oral Anesthetic Gel is said to give dental professionals perfect control for local anesthetics with a new convenient format-a pre-loaded syringe with a micro-needle tip. Each syringe contains 1.2 ml 20 percent benzocaine gel that allows the clinician to deliver GINIGICaine directly into the sulcus to induce anesthesia right where it’s needed, without having to numb the patient’s whole mouth. The micro-needle tip features a 7 mm gauge mark and rounded end to eliminate poking or tearing the sulcus during delivery. The 20 percent benzocaine formula is said to have a fast 15-second onset for safe and effective pain relief. GINGICaine comes in strawberry flavor without a medicinal aftertaste.

Pac-Dent, Inc.
909-839-0888  |  pac-dent.com

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Collegiate Charms

Now you can show your school spirit with Bracket Ear’s line of Collegiate Charms, part of the company’s orthodontic oriented jewelry line. The line includes earrings with a customizable school logo, and licensed or customized charms with your school mascot to fit earrings or a lapel pin. 100 percent handwoven cotton bracelets in specific school colors also are available. Don’t see the college you’re looking for? Bracket Ears welcomes the opportunity to customize jewelry for your favorite school. Current college designs include Baylor, Maryland, Oklahoma, Penn State, and Tennessee.

Bracket Ears
410-381-1477  |  bracketears.com




The CR2, Owandy’s new intraoral imaging plate, is said to offer the perfect plate scanning solution for a wide range of clinical applications, including endodontics, prosthetics, implantology, periodontics, orthodontics, and caries diagnosis. The scanner is designed with sensors that automatically detect the size and insertion direction of the plates being scanned. It was designed for use with the Owandy plates and is able to scan the following Owandy plate sizes-#0-child, #1-incisor block, #2-adult, #3-bitewing, #4-occlusal block. The CR2 is said to be the smallest plate scanning system on the market, with no complicated user interfaces and no buttons.

Owandy Radiology, Inc.
203-745-0575  |  owandy.com

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