Solve my Problem: Don’t let your bond be a barrier to bio-activity

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report January 2020
Volume 54
Issue 1

Composite adhesives lack bioactive bonds, but RE-GEN™ Bioactive Adhesives from Apex Dental Materials adds a bioactive agent to the restorative process.

Information provided by Apex Dental Materials

The Problem

Bioactive materials are hampered by non-bioactive bonds

During composite restorations, the adhesive acts as a barrier, blocking bioactive ions from reaching the tooth and preventing the regeneration of the tooth structure.

The Solution

RE-GEN Bioactive Adhesives from Apex Dental

RE-GEN Bioactive Adhesives

  • Incorporates bioactive materials, Bioglass, directly into the adhesive layer
  • The adhesive acts as an agent to directly deposit biologically-charged ions directly to the tooth
  • Promotes the regeneration of the tooth structure
  • RE-GEN is a complete suite of bioactive products including Universal and Self-Etch Adhesive, Flowable Composite, Bulk Fill and Resin Cement, and Pit and Fissure Sealant
  • RE-GEN is the first line of bioactive products to employ Bioglass as an active ingredient
  • All RE-GEN products are osteogenic, antimicrobial, biocompatible, and BPA-free
  • RE-GEN still has superior bond strengths-46 MPa for the Universal system and 55 MPa for the Self-Etch System

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